Monday, October 23, 2006

Shopping Trip

Yesterday i went for my Diwali shopping.

Guess what time i left home & came back?

Lol from 4.00 p.m. till 8.30 p.m. i was out in Dadar.

Firstly i bought for myself a nice pair of black shoes. If that wasnt enough I next went to the Mall and bought for myself a new pair of jeans.

Heh malls typically have all the stuff needed to tempt you to loosen thse purse strings.

In one of the shops i also liked a mini-Ganesh, a starsign themed mug meant for offcourse an Aquarian like me! Too bad no mug for Lions!!!

Seems all the Leos had taken their share. :P

So we stepped out of the mall & went to one of the biggest shops in the area to buy stuff for mom. She wasnt too keen but i made her eventually buy to salvaars for herself. Lol since they are to be fitted to her size she will be getting them today.

Out of this shop & my bought for myself 2 T-shirts. Cool blue and cooler pink. Heh.

So endth the shopping trip...

And now i just have to worry how to fit all that in my cupboard!!! :P

btw we spend more than 3000 yesterday and still didnt buy any sweets! :(


did i tell you i also went to a science for practical use fair yesterday. it was too cool. Heh

i wish though i could have bought more stuff there.

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