Friday, October 20, 2006

Ambernath Temple in Maharashtra - part 1

I had gone to this temple in April this year but i hadnt gotten the pictures scanned and since i have done all that now, i will put some of them up!

Trip Date: 25/04/06

My Description:

Well through the entrance and the inner sanctum sanctorum is actually below the main floor! So you have to go by steps down below! The original "shiv ling" has eroded, so a metal encasing has been put on it. And the vessel for dripping water on the 'ling' (i dont know what its called) has been placed with the help of a massive rod inserted in the ancient walls!

Talk about talking care of the monument!!! The rod is brand new! I dont know what government's doing not caring of the structural integrity.

But the most surprising thing was through the sanctum you can see the sky! You feel like you are at the bottom of this enormous well.


The sculptures were wow wow wow. Every pillar has a different motif. Unfortunately some motifs and figures have been thoroughly eroded. When i went there were rods placed to supprt the structure.

Also restoration is being done using red sandstone! I hope they can conserve it well.

It is really stunning. My mom had been there as a child and spoke of the river passing by. It was bone dry now because of the summer.

Devotees are the worst enemies! They place flowers, garlands and break coconuts! :(

Now to the pictures...


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