Friday, October 20, 2006

Hingis' Blog -part 2

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today was a pretty standard day for me. It consisted of two practice sessions with my hitting partner, Radim Valigura, fitness and then a massage. I try to have a massage three times a week even when I'm not in a tournament. I'm sure most people think this is a complete luxury, but the type of massage an athlete has is different, because it's a sports massage and it's not so relaxing! In fact, at times it is very painful. But the result is worth it and it keeps me in good shape and relaxed, and gets rid of any lactic acid in my body, which can build up after hard training. Practice was good today so I feel happy and prepared for my match tomorrow night.

Because of the qualies being played I couldn't practice at the main site so I just went there to get a feel for the arena and its atmosphere and see how the court was playing. I love the Hallenstadion arena - they've done a great job, it looks really professional and I am sure with the excited fans running around it's going to have a great atmosphere. Next door at Theatre 11 they have We Will Rock You on, the Queen musical. I saw it last year in London and loved it. I also bought the CD. I doubt I'll get chance to see it here in Z├╝rich, which is a shame. When I have some free time I love to go to the cinema or Theatre, and always like to hear about the new movies coming out.

In the afternoon I went for a run in the woods behind the hotel. It's a great place to run and escape, and when I was working at the event in previous years I'd run there every morning and take some time out. It's so peaceful and natural.

In the evening I went to the player welcome reception at the hotel. It was a nice gathering and and opportunity for the players to chat and catch up. I then met my manager, Phil, and Abi from Octagon for dinner, and we were all pretty tired so decided not to go into town and just stay at the hotel. I guess all the other girls had the same idea, because most of the players ate in the hotel.

Main draw starts tomorrow so early to bed for me. I'm excited about playing so I hope I sleep well!


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