Thursday, November 23, 2006

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So Cana not only plays but also blogs!

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Mirza to star in Asian Hopman Cup

Although this was meant to be posted on the lawntennis site, Paddy beat me to it. So i will post the article here.

Mirza to star in inaugural Asian Hopman Cup
23 November 2006, Mumbai

Sania Mirza will be playing in the inaugural Asian Hopman Cup starting today in her hometown of Hyderabad. She will be partnering Rohan Bopanna after Leander Paes’ pull out.

Leander Paes pulled out to regain fitness keeping in mind his participation in the Doha Asian Games. Paes had injured his index finger in the semifinals of the recently concluded Masters Cup in Shanghai.

There was much speculation and confusion regarding who Paes’ replacement would be in the six nation event starting on Thursday.

Various names like those of Rohan Bopanna, Karan Rastogi, Prakash Amritraj and Harsh Mankad were doing the rounds. Eventually AITA (All India Tennis Association) made the announcement on Tuesday that it would be Bopanna who will partner Sania.

Regarding Paes’ pullout Mirza said, “Paes has his own thoughts on it. (withdrawal). He has to take a lot of things into consideration. And I am sure he has taken a decision which is better for him.”

Mirza father Imran Mirza though chimed in with “Atleast she(Mirza) should have been informed about her playing partner.” He also added that India wouldn’t miss Paes as India would find winning two matches easy against the other Asian teams. He was equally forthright about Mahesh Bhupathi not being drafted in Leander’s place by saying, “Mahesh doesn’t play singles anymore and doesn’t fit into the Hopman Cup format.”

About the opposition he said, “China and Chinese Taipei would be tough opponents. The rest wouldn’t be of much trouble.”

Lara gaining on Sachin

Lara gaining on Sachin!

Brian Lara proved yet again his class by emphatically scoring an unbeaten 196 of 230 balls in Multan in Pakistan. He has now equaled Gavaskar’s 34 test tons and is just one off Tendulkar’s 35 centuries. This was Lara’s 4th successive test century vs Pakistan.

Sachin has been seen to struggle over the last few years with injuries as well as indifferent form. Although both players are contemporaries of each other, Lara is far ahead in the record books.

With his latest feat he has now become the first player to score a 100 before lunch twice. He has broken Sir Bradman’s record with his 19th 150+ score.

He has become also the 1st batsman to score 26 or more runs twice in his career when he hit Danish Kaneria for 26 runs in an over. In addition he also holds the record for most runs in an over at 28 runs again RJ Peterson of S.A. at Johannesburg in 2003-2004.

This 77-ball hundred was also the 9th fastest test ton overall and he 4th fastest for the Windies. This was also the fastest test hundred scored in terms of balls faced by a visiting batsman in Pakistan.

Lara also equaled the Windies record of hitting 7 sixes in an innings. He is also now Viv Richards record for most runs scored by a West Indies player versus Pakistan having completed his 1000 runs against them!

In terms of partnerships, his 200 runs with Bravo for the 5th wicket is a record for Windies vs Pakistan.

Heh whats the correct spelling of my name

Ahh so "yahoo answers" has this questions posted!

Tell you what its still an undecided question so you can still swing it in my favour. ;)

Review of Janneman

I had seen the movie long back but i couldnt post this review before so here goes...

Janneman review:

Today I saw the latest release by director Shirish Kunder ‘Janneman’. That his films are different was evident to me from the very first time I saw his movie ‘Kya Kehna’. After all who in their right mind would have choosen a subject of a young college going unmarried pregnant girl then!?

That his unusual subject was well received then is a credit both to the write, director and actors. This time though Kunder has gone past his earlier creation in terms of the style of content presentation. Both unheard of and unseen in the past, this ‘new’ style has enhanced the look of the film.

The movie beginning in a space shuttle with the character Agastya’s (played by Akshay Khanna) current love & his flashback about his ex-love was a nice innovative introduction. Suhan Kapoor’s (Salman Khan) dream ‘Filmfare’ appearance was another nice idea.

Anupam Kher playing the role of Suhan’s uncle in the form of a dwarf was reminiscent of Kamal Hasan in the movie ‘Appu Raja’. What didn’t cut ice was his reappearance in New York as a restaurateur and this time in normal size just to re-emphasize that ‘every person has 7 people looking just like them’! Which is a nice theme otherwise Agastya’s fledging second romance would fall flat. The director didn’t need to cast Kher in this role needlessly.

Coming back to the story. Suhan is shown as a struggling actor and his life’s story is his failed attempts at being a superstar and his failed marriage. Suhan and his uncle/lawyer are looking to bail him out since his ex-wife Piya (Preity Zinta) has asked for a one time settlement of Rs.50 lakhs for his failure to pay her monthly alimony. Out of work Suhan is looking for an ‘angel’ to help him out.

Enter ‘angel’ Akshay (Agastya), a U.S.A. returned N.A.S.A. scientist who happens to be Piya’s college mate. Madly in love with her since the beginning but unable to confess his love to her, the nerd has lost her to Suhan only to return back 7 years later to find out she is divorced. Not knowing he is in her ex-husband’s house our nerd confesses his heart out to Suhan plus uncle. Lawyer uncle’s mind fast at work finds a way to spare his nephew his alimony settlement by the simple expedient of remarrying her off.

So Suhan volunteers to help Agastya get his ex-wife Piya all this while conveniently hiding his status. Enter New York, the current favourite location of all big name & big banner Indian directors and production houses. These guys make New York look more beautiful then any Hollywood guy would. Brooklyn Bridge is as ever always present.

Thanks to Suhan, Agastya is transformed into Suhan part 2. But he is only a pretender since he cannot do one thing without his guidance. Renting an apartment opposite to her home these two manage to take their mission forward. Meeting, chatting and catching up with Piya, Agastya who has engrained Suhan’s mannerisms impresses her. Soon she and Agastya get close all this while her ex-husband is gleefully drawing up further plans to get them closer. Finally when he does succeed in his mission, he finds out courtesy of Agastya’s telescope and the communication aid between himself & Agastya that his ex-wife has a little baby girl aptly name Suhani. Shocked to know about the existence of his own child, he now wants to get them both back. Only the problem now his own creation Agastya. So the rest of the movie falls into his efforts to make himself capable and eventually a sacrifice.

Akshay has acted remarkably well the role of a nerd complete with his weird laughter. Salman has done usual juggle act with a little bit of comedy, laughter, and tears all thrown in. Preity is her ownself thankfully atleast as the college going kid with the beaded hair et all. Although I thing she must now stop doing the young mother roles as was also the case in her previous movie KANK (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna). This is one actress who must never allow herself to be typecast, doesn’t quite fit her personality.

If this is anybody’s film more it’s the writer and the director who have collectively given a new take to the term ‘flashback’ presentation. One thing that is quite disheartening to see in the current crop of Bollywood movies that runs common even through this film is the ‘sacrifice’ bit. And this has been a trend for some years now. One love, enter two people, then one makes a sacrifice. It’s done too many times now. We want to see some people who don’t make sacrifices and are still happy for a change.

The tortoise is back

Heh heh so i am back to beat the crap out of your wits again!!! :P

Hmm i wonder where the silly lion is these days. I havnt been able to speak to him.

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Ok so i just did an addy report to

Heck yeah and i got a new bicycle but i havnt been able to ride it with gusto since my sickness just came on after i landed with the bike at home...

So i am putting my Janneman review in here, which i saw long time back. Plus some other updates soon guys n gals. Enjoy!!! :D

Reasons for absense from blogger

Damn these viral illnesses. So after mom it was my turn to fall prey to the flu virus.

Down and out completely for 3 weeks i feel exhausted and like a sucked out lemon!!!

To top it all Manny made light fun of my loss of 3 Kgs in 1 week. Arghhh... :(

I also had an allergic cough for a 2 weeks which is just showing some signs of subsiding.

A combination of both illnesses really hampered my 'online' tasks with the blog not being updated plus everyone wondering where this Vicky gal is?!!!

Rest assured i am back. But not at the same level for sure atleast for the next few weeks while i recuperate. ;)