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Justine Henin-Hardenne update

Henin-Hardenne happy to party at Adidas launch

Paris, Oct 25: The Champs Elysees hadn't seen such a fuss since "Les Blues" made it to the World Cup semi-finals this past summer.

Strobe lights, limos and outrageous sound effects drew passers-by who then waited patiently as their favourite athletes walked up a red and white stripped carpet to the grand opening of the world's largest Adidas store.

Zinedine Zidane, the footballer recently voted by the French as their favourite citizen, officially opened the store.

Also present were Mehdi Baala, Yohan Diniz, Laura Flessel and Djibril Cisse.

Belgian tennis ace Justine Henin-Hardenne, recuperating from a knee injury, enjoyed the party which drew hundreds of French showbiz and sports vips.

Talking about her season she told reporters, "it was more than I could dream of for sure. I wish I could have won more than once, but I got the one that is the most important for me."

New Zealand's Jonah Lomu was happy to pose for photos but withdrew when it came to answering questions about his future saying "I don't know, there's nothing to say in that area."

Bureau Report

A short video:

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Monthly Column: Upside of Tennis

Tennis being a serious business for players, coaches, officials & tournaments organisers and consequently also for fans; most folks dont take to the fun side of sports in general when there are huge stakes involved.

So today i will start a monthly column to take a lighter look at tennis.

To begin with let us correlate between astrology and tennis. Now you may wonder 'what a lot of crap this astrology & whats the correlation here?'

Hey thats for you to figure out. I will just be giving you the 'fact' & the 'fiction' of it. You guys and gals are smart enough to figure out!

So there are the attributes assigned to each sign and the list of famous tennis personalities both current players and all-time greats with their birth dates attached. Intriguing interpretations may occur...

Aries: (Mar. 21- April 20)

Arian Attributes:
The Pioneer of the Zodiac, Aries is ruled by MARS, and its symbol is the RAM. Its natural place is the FIRST HOUSE, the house of Personal Identity. Independent Aries is a FIRE sign, impulsive and energetic. Rarely looking before it leaps, Aries sometimes has a problem completing tasks, too caught up in the allure of the Next Big Thing.

Someone we know?

Jack Crawford 22 March 1908
Jennifer Capriati 29 March 1976
Alex Corretja 11 April 1974
Maria Sharapova 19 April 1987

Taurus: (Apr. 21- may 21)

Taurean Attributes:
The Builder of the Zodiac, Taurus is ruled by VENUS, and its symbol is the BULL. Its natural place is the SECOND HOUSE, the house of Possessions. Productive Taurus is an EARTH sign, reliable and materialistic. With a fine aesthetic sense and stubborn will to have things its own way, Taurus invariably surrounds itself with material beauty -- be it artistic or natural.

Someone we know?

Andre Agassi 29 April 1970
Tommy Robredo 1 May 1982
Pancho Gonzales 9 May 1928
Gabriela Sabatini 16 May 1970
Tony Roche 17 May 1945
Fred Perry 18 May 1909
Yannick Noah 18 May 1960

Gemini: (May 22-June 21)

Geminian Attributes:
The Communicator of the Zodiac, Gemini is ruled by MERCURY, and its symbol is the TWINS. Its natural place is the THIRD HOUSE, the house of Communication. Curious Gemini is an AIR sign, analytical and ever-changing. Often times overly intellectual and unstable, Gemini reserves the right to change its mind, often "forgetting" to communicate the unpleasant.

Someone we know?

John Newcomb 23 May 1944
Jonas Bjorkman 23 May 1972
Suzanne Lenglen 24 May 1899
Justine Henin-Hardenne 1 June 1982
Rafael Nadal 3 June 1986
Bjorn Borg 6 June 1956
Anna Kournikova 7 June 1981
Lindsay Davenport 8 June 1976
Kim Clijsters 8 June 1983
Don Budge 13 June 1915
Steffi Graf 14 June 1969
Venus Williams 17 June 1980
Marcos Baghdatis 17 June 1985

Cancer: (June 22-July 22)

Cancerian Attributes:
The Home-Maker of the Zodiac, Cancer is ruled by THE MOON, and its symbol is the CRAB. Its natural place is the FOURTH HOUSE, which is concerned with Matters of Home Life. Nurturing Cancer is a WATER sign, supportive and emotional. Prone to emotional tides, a Cancer believes "a man's home is his castle" -- and cocooning a legitimate lifestyle choice.

Someone we know

Svetlana Kuznetsova 27 June 1985
Rene Lacoste 2 July 1904
Pam Shriver 4 July 1962
Dwight F. Davis 5 July 1879
Amelie Mauresmo 5 July 1979
Anastasia Myskina 8 July 1981
Arthur Ashe 10 July 1943
Virginia Wade 10 July 1945
Margaret Smith Court 16 July 1942
Ilie Nastase 19 July 1946
Evonne Goolagong 31 July 1951

Leo: (July 23-Aug 22)

Leoline Attributes:
The Entertainer of the Zodiac, Leo is ruled by THE SUN, and its symbol is the LION. Its natural place is the FIFTH HOUSE, the house of Children and Pleasure. Expressive Leo is a FIRE sign, creative and grandiose. Keep Leo at the center of attention, and you'll both be happy.

Someone we know?

Jack Kramer 1 August 1921
Roger Federer 8 August 1981
Rod Laver 9 August 1938
Harry Hopman 12 August 1906
Pete Sampras 12 August 1971
Guillermo Vilas 17 August 1952
Jim Courier 17 August 1970
Mary Joe Fernandez 19 August 1971
Mats Wilander 22 August 1964

Virgo: (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)

Virgo Attributes:
The Perfectionist of the Zodiac, Virgo is ruled by MERCURY, and its symbol is the VIRGIN. Its natural place is the SIXTH HOUSE, the house of Work and Duty. Practical Virgo is an EARTH sign, detail-oriented and obsessive. Clean-freak Virgo wants a tidy desktop -- and will do anything to get it.

Someone we know?

Althea Gibson 25 August 1927
Carlos Moya 27 August 1976
Andy Roddick 30 August 1982
Jimmy Connors 2 September 1952
Tim Henman 6 September 1974
Gustavo Kuerten 10 September 1976
Goran Ivanisevic 13 September 1971
Maureen Connolly 17 September 1934

Libra: (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)

Libran Attributes:
The Diplomat of the Zodiac, Libra is ruled by VENUS, and its symbol is the SCALES. Its natural place is the SEVENTH HOUSE, the house of Partnerships. Peace-loving Libra is an AIR sign, tactful and indecisive. Depending on how the scales tip, Libra can be a brilliant creator -- or a babbling madman.

Someone we know?

Lottie Dod 24 September 1871
Serena Williams 26 September 1981
Hingis 30 September 1980
Thomas Muster 2 October 1967
Jana Novotna 2 October 1968
Neale Fraser 3 October 1933
Fred Stolle 8 October 1938
Elena Dementieva 15 October 1981
Martina Navratilova 18 October 1956

Scorpio: (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)

Scorpio(n) Attributes:
The Seducer of the Zodiac, Scorpio is ruled by PLUTO, and its symbol is the SCORPION. Its natural place is the EIGHTH HOUSE, the house of Passions -- Sex, Birth, and Death. Intense Scorpio is a WATER sign, secretive and magnetic. Strong-willed Scorpio's heart is closed to all but an intimate few -- but its still waters run deep.

Someone we know?

Ken Rosewall 2 November 1934
Roy Emerson 3 November 1936
Mark Philippoussis 7 November 1976
Sania Mirza 15 Nov 1986
Billie Jean King 22 November 1943
Boris Becker 22 November 1967

Saggitarius: (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)

Saggitarian Attributes:
The Gambler of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is ruled by JUPITER, and its symbol is the ARCHER. Its natural place is the NINTH HOUSE, the house of Travel and Philosophy. Expansive Sagittarius is a FIRE sign, goal-oriented and optimistic. Blunt Sag is always willing to help, particularly if also promoting its own advancement.

Someone we know?

Radek Stepanek 27 November 1978
Monica Seles 2 December 1973
Richard Krajicek 6 December 1971
Tracy Austin 12 December 1962
Stan Smith 14 December 1946
Patty Schnyder 14 December 1978
Arantxa Sanchez Vicario 18 December 1971
Chris Evert 21 December 1954

Capricorn: (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)

Capricornian Attributes:
The Organizer of the Zodiac, Capricorn is ruled by SATURN, and its symbol is the SEA-GOAT. Its natural place is the TENTH HOUSE, the house of Status and Career. Ambitious Capricorn is an EARTH sign, worry-prone and steadfast. Come to Capricorn with your troubles, and be prepared for worried -- even meddling -- advice, but also a strong shoulder to lean on.

Someone we know?

Marcelo Rios 26 December 1975
Patrick Rafter 28 December 1972
David Nalbandian 1 January 1982
Mary Pierce 15 January 1975
Stefan Edberg 19 January 1966

Aquarius: (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19)

Aquarian Attributes:
The Scientist of the Zodiac, Aquarius is ruled by URANUS, and its symbol is the WATER-BEARER. Its natural place is the ELEVENTH HOUSE, the house of Friendships and Experimentation. Revolutionary Aquarius is an AIR sign, idealistic and inventive. Aquarius often moodswings, optimistically reforming the social structure one minute, then despondent at the impossibility of perfect happiness the next.

Someone we know?

Marat Safin 27 January 1980
Juan Carlos Ferrero 12 February 1980
John McEnroe 16 February 1959
Yevgeny Kafelnikov 18 February 1974
Hana Mandlikova 19 February 1962

Pisces: (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)

Pisces Attributes:
The Mystic of the Zodiac, Pisces is ruled by NEPTUNE, and its symbol is the FISH. Its natural place is the TWELFTH HOUSE, the house of Sorrow and Karma. Intuitive Pisces is a WATER sign, sensitive and adaptable. A chameleon, insecure Pisces can powerfully attain the attributes of any other sign -- all to help it fit in.

Someone we know?

Michael Chang 22 February 1972
Lleyton Hewitt 24 February 1981
Bobby Riggs 25 February 1918
Ivan Lendl 7 March 1960

Note to readers: All dates sourced from, any error in dates is regretted. Kindly drop a comment or mail me to correct details. Not all players can possibly be listed hence only current top players are listed. All dates are arranged according to days of the month. Incase of same birthdate those born in the year before are listed first. Listing has no bearing on achievements. Thankyou all for reading. :)

upside of tennis Jack Crawford

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hingis' Blog - part 7

Friday, October 20, 2006

I am sad to say that this is my last blog entry from Zürich, which means I lost today... :(

As you know, I played the 6pm match tonight, a quarterfinal against Svetlana Kuznetsova. My preparation was good - I hit with Radim at 2pm and before that I went for my usual run in the woods, really nothing to complain about. Svetlana just played a great match. I had my chances in certain parts, but I congratulate Svetlana for being the better player on the day.

I did my usual post-match press conference, which is never nice if you've lost, because you really don't feel like talking. But it's important for the media and that's how tennis fans hear about the matches, so I understand the importance. It's just that sometimes it's hard to do! After the press conference I had to sign a few items in the media room.

Now it's back to work, training at home in preparation for Madrid (hopefully!) On Monday morning I'll be with one of my sponsors, Omega, opening a boutique in Interlaken, so that should be fun. I've attached a pic taken from one of my previous days with Omega.

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog this past week. I've really enjoyed writing it, I'm just sorry that today's is so short :(

All the best,

Martina x

*ohhhhhh!!! really sad. two :( :( *

Hingis' Blog - part 6

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hello everyone!

So, another sunny but cold day here in Zürich! As I told you last night, I needed to mix it up a little today so I went downtown with a friend. We met for breakfast at one of the most famous and traditional cafes in Zürich, called Sprungli. It has the most amazing hot chocolate in the world. I just love it. It was funny because the waitress came and told us Roger Federer always comes to their cafe and sits in the same spot as we were sitting - obviously, the 'in' place for us Swiss tennis players! I had a little breakfast, traditional Swiss bircher muesli; for those of you who don't know what it is, it's Swiss muesli mixed with a little yoghurt and milk, and then you can add fruit too. It's really good so I suggest you try it!

Afterwards, we walked to the famous Zürich See. It was actually very foggy; you can usually see the other side of the lake, which is where my house is located. I've attached a pic taken of me at the lake this morning so you'll see!

We then walked around the city, through the old town where the artsy shops are. This is my favorite area of Zürich because there is a little more to it. Previously it was the rough part of town, but now they've cleaned the area up and made it unique. There are also a few exclusive boutiques to be found around this area.

Obviously, no girl in their right mind can go into Zürich without a) having some chocolate (mission accomplished) and b) shopping... I hit the shops and went to one of my favorite stores, Grieder, which I would describe as a smaller version of Saks Fifth and like Harvey Nics in London. We stopped for a drink in the Grieder bar, on their roof terrace, and then went back to shopping. Next, we went along to Jelmoli, where I'd been previously for the draw ceremony on Saturday. We had a little browse and then I went back to the practice courts to hit with Radim. We had a good hit! After that I went back to the hotel, went for a nice run in the woods again, did some sprints and had a good stretch.

I showered, made some calls and then met Abi and Al from Octagon for dinner. We were going to go to town but being somewhat superstitious I decided to stick with my winning formula and eat in the hotel restaurant. A little unexpected, as Vijay Armtraj walked in with his wife! He asked about my recent trip to Kolkata. Obviously I told him it was excellent because I won. I said I'd like to go back and see more of India, and Vijay suggested Goa, so maybe I will Goa there ;)

I have just sorted out my tickets for tomorrow's match. I play Svetlana at 6pm. She beat Jelena Jankovic; it looked like a pretty close match. I'm looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow.

Well, it's time for bed so I will wish you good night! Or good morning wherever you are reading this...

Gute nacht! :)

some of my own thoughts:

having chocolate mission accomplished! lol

hmm so she wants to goa to Goa! yep sun, sea n surf... :P also sea food. yum :P

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Posting now on lawntennis

Just an updated i will now be posting stuff on Sania Mirza on

here is the URL:

thats what i wrote till now...

Torrent: 2006 Zurich - Kuznetsova vs Hingis

Here is the torrent link:

Tennis 2006 Zurich
Svetlana Kuznetsova vs Martina Hingis
1h39min, 512 x 384, 25FPS, XVID, 626MB

Enjoy the video by the_doman

Kim Clijsters trips over pet dog!

Lol Kim Clijsters tripped over her dog!!! :P

Kim's Diary
All set for Wednesday! 24-10-2006

Despite tripping over my dog and bruising my tailbone last week's training went fine. I feel ready to have a go at it at the Gaz de France Stars in Hasselt from Wednesday onwards.

I also look forward to next week: to be able to play a match! Even though I haven't been training in the last two days because of a bruised tailbone. Very silly: while I was playing football at home with Brian, his dad (who is visiting us for a couple of weeks) and the dogs, I tripped over Diesel - the biggest one - and fell badly. Luckily enough nothing serious, but serious enough too be resting for two days.

My training sessions are going well though: both speed and intensity have been increased gradually in the last week and still I wasn't hindered by my wrist. Tomorrow I'll continue training. I can truly say now that I'll be ready for my first match in two months! And this before my home audience, always a great pleasure. Whatever the outcome will be, I'm not at expecting too much. The Gaz de France Stars have a strong field this year, worthy of a Tier II tournament. My major aim right now is to be able to play the first match without pain, and win it of course.

Whether or not I'll be at the Masters is not so much of a concern to me. I have said it before that it would be hard against the top players after two months of absence anyway. But that is not on focus right now, we'll see how things go after Hasselt.

I hope to see you all there in great numbers, it would do me good!


Hingis at Interlaken Omega boutique

photo: Fotos: Christian Iseli

Enjoy!!! nice scarf btw...

Omega boutique opening Interlaken: hingis interview

Hilarius reports:

"Interview of "Berner Zeitung" as of Oct.24, Made during opening of a Omega boutique in Interlaken"

Inteview by Adrian Ruch. Berner Zeitung October 24, 2006

Title: "The watch of a player ticks faster"

Q: Tennis was already early the centre of your life; you did not live life like other teenagers. During the absence from the tennis circuit, could you supply the backlog demands of normality?

Martina: What is normality?(laughs). for me, it was normal to play tennis every day and with 14 to travel around the world. I did not know anything else. And that life was fun for me. I got the chance to be top of the world . So one shouldn't ask, what you could miss. Although there were moments , when I thought that I missed something. I had rarely the chance to go out. During the 3 years without competitions, I went out once or twice. But it is not my business to hang around in night clubs.

Q: When and why was the thought about a comeback to the tour concretized in your head?

Martina: This was a lenghty process. The first year was hard not to be with the Tour. I tried several times to begin with training, but the body did not want to. Doing commentaries at Grand Slams raised a bit of wistfulness. In the third year I did some exhibition matches and when I bore the strains, the thought about a comeback got concrete.

Q: Which aspect of the tennis sport did you miss at the most during your break?

Martina: Although I was for 4 years the number 1, I felt that I could do more. The watch of a player ticks faster. I wouldn't blame myself for not risking to start again.

Q: The trill must be extreme for a tennis pro.

Martina: It was also exciting to compete at a horse show, but to play in a stadium with a crowd of 15000 to 20000 is just another world.

Q: Since 10 months you are active again. Do you sometimes long for the calm life of an early retired woman?

Martina: No, it is only a pity, that I have not enough time for horse riding. Furthermore I cannot often see my acquaintances. But real frienship still holds, even when you don't see your friends for a longer time.

Q: You grew up in public and got only in the last years a bit of privacy. How did you feel the comeback to the limelight?

Martina: I was surprised how big the echo to my comeback was. The time in Australia at the beginning of the year was intensive.

Q: Was it difficult to lose the privacy you just got?

Martina: I had already before more quietness, but I just got used again to the public. Finally, you have to find the balance between privacy and sport, which can bring you in two minds. But the capability to relax and recover fast is a must for a successful player.

Q: Was it difficult to start the intensive training?

Martina: No, I even missed the daily routine. Furthermore I knew that an intensive training would be necessary in order to be a top player.

Q: Were you afraid you could make a fool of yourself?

Martina: Yes. Every player has doubts and after 3 years of absence I did not know where I was. I had no doubts because of my technique, but because of my physic. Could my body endure the strains? Am I fit enough.

Q: Did the inflammations of your feet return?

Martina: No, I feel well. I have good shoes and I look, that I don't train to much on hard surfaces.

Q: Already at the first tournaments you made quite a splash. Did you expect such a brilliant start?

Martina: I hoped for the best. But you must stay realistic and you should not look for the unachievable. The great successes as the wins in Tokyo against Maria and in Rome against Venus were satisfactions for me. Then I knew, the comeback was worthwile.

Q: Recently you had to suffer some bitter defeats.

Martina: I had already in the earlier times an interim low after the French Open. Furthermore the first excitement and the first kick after the comeback were gone. But now I am near the best ones, That you could see in Zurich against Svetelana. I wasn't swept 6:1, 6:1 from the court.

Q: How do you deal with defeats?

Martina: Nobody rejoices when one loses, but the most important thing is to draw the right conclusions. How a defeat stings depends against whom and how I lost. I would much more bother when I would be no more near the top players. To know to have a chance against any player is the essential thing.

Q:After 20 years of tennis, is it possible to improve?

Martina: Of course, technically I play much better than in the early times, my body changed and the material is better nowadays. I play now some shots, I only have dreamed some years ago(laughs). I clearly made some improvements, but upto now they don't work in the decisive situations. When it is getting tight I fall back to the old manners.

Q: Your mother made of you what you are now. At the moment you do without her help. Could you imagine to work together with another coach?

Martina: I think not. I am now 26 years old and want to live indenpendently. But I do not quarrel with my mother. I still train in Wollerau and seek advices from her. Only, she does not accompany me to all tournaments.

Q: your boyfriend Radek is also tennis pro. Is there any competition, who is better ranked?

Martin: If we would have made a bet, we would keep it for ourselves. It is good that we can support each other mutually and sometimes we train together. It is more simply to live with somebody who knows what it is to play with top players.

Q: change of the theme: Even as you were born in Slovakia, do you feel as a real Swiss?

Martina: I live here since I was eight and I consider Swiss german as my mother tongue. Although I got much about the eastern culture by my mother, I am a Swiss - also I am thinking Swiss.

Q: Recently you spoke about a greater feeling to the home(country) as ten years ago. How does the feeling express?

Martina: I love being at home and I like more being with my friends than to travel and to see new things.

Q: How do you explain, that you are now more popular now in Switzerland than years ago?

Martina: Maybe it is because of the advertising for washmachines(laughs). No, really; I have developed as a person. You cannot please everybody; but an image you must develop.

note: interview translated by Hilarius, edited by me.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Cool fun with Google Search

Lol so lots of search for our names on google to see the results and get an ego boost.

And i admit i do it too. :P

But did you, you can aslo google your name in the reverse and get results?

So first try my own name. You know what the correct spelling is: VIDHYUT

Lets write that in reverse TUYHDIV and 'googling' it. ;)

See what it comes up with:

Ok next up 'MARTINA HINGIS'...



Strangely it also came up with: Did you mean "singing anitram"!!! Lol

And after i searched "sotnas solrac siul" i got "did you mean Stones, solrac, soul" :P ;)

So google you name and have some laughs or get riled...

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Adding a link to a nice site about Manipur

Visit the above site to enhance your knowledge about Manipur.

Meanwhile i will now add it to my link list as requested. ;)

Article by Todd Spiker about Hingis

Todd Spiker has written an article about Hingis:

2006 Intriguing Answers: A Swiss Miss, a Near-Miss & a Big Hit

As the season winds down, it's time to look at the flip side of January's "Intriguing Questions," so here are some answers gleaned from a nearly complete season of tour action:


The Smiling Assassin has indeed made a very successful comeback. If someone had said in January that Hingis would end the season in the Top 10, reach the YEC, and win a Tier I (plus be RU in another), who wouldn't have been flabbergasted at such success?

==HINGIS IN 2006==

Ten months into the season, though, it's almost commonplace to casually take what Hingis has accomplished in stride. The novelty of her return having worn off, it's now fair to view Hingis in light of what she IS, rather than what she WAS or HOPES TO BE. Her 48-7 record against players ranked outside the Top 10 shows her to still be the steady, heady player who rarely loses to players she shouldn't... but her 4-10 record vs. Top 10ers reveals her to also be very similar to the power deficient player she was when she retreated from the game with her one-time dominance a thing of the past.

Hingis can win a match here and there against a fellow top player, but her game has a hard time standing up to the rigors of stringing together multiple wins against the game's best opponents. It's no surprise that in the one Tier I she won this year, in Rome, she was only required to defeat one Top 10 player (Venus Williams, though hardly the Venus that helped chase Martina from the game four years ago). After reaching the QF at both the Australian and Roland Garros, her later slam results wilted at Wimbledon (3rd Round) and the U.S. (2nd Round, her worst ever) as the long season appeared to finally be taking its toll on her. She won a small event in India in September. But this week, in her first competition in Zurich in six years, she reached the QF, only to fall to, you guessed it, Top 10er Svetlana Kuznetsova.

It's not as if Hingis' stylish and smart game isn't capable of producing great results. Anna Chakvetadze's game, which almost qualifies her to be dubbed "Martina Hingis, version 2.0," helped her knock off three Top 10 players en route to the title in Moscow this month. But the Russian is still only 19 and seemingly in wonder of it all. Maybe it's just that time has naturally eroded a bit of the formerly-haughty on-court nature of the teen Hingis that allowed her to persevere in multiple high-pressure matches in a single event, for with maturity comes the realization that failure is possible... but not fatal.

Hingis' presence on tour is good for everyone, including Martina. While some things might not have changed between Swiss Miss I and Swiss Miss II, one thing HAS... Hingis knows that she wants to be around the sport more than she wants to get away from it. With that realization comes ANOTHER difference... this Martina isn't likely to quit because she isn't #1 anymore.

Hingis is no longer the mighty mite making everything look way too easy. That Martina is exiled to the history books, but THIS ONE is still one of the best, most entertaining players in the world. And that's not so bad, is it?

Hopefully, 2006 was just the beginning of a long Second Act in Hingis' career.


Zurich Open fails to meet attendance goal

ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) - The Zurich Open failed to reach its goal of 40,000 spectators, despite the return of Martina Hingis to professional tennis.

Organizers said Sunday that they sold 35,638 tickets through the week.

"I don't think Martina had a big effect on attendance," tournament director Beat Ritschard said. "The 'Hingis effect' didn't prove itself."

Hingis, who made her comeback this season after about three years of retirement, made her first appearance in six years at the Swiss tournament.

The former top-ranked Swiss player reached the quarter-finals, where she was eliminated by third-seeded Svetlana Kuznetsova of Russia.

"Financially, it wasn't a catastrophic scenario. We almost broke even," Ritschard said.

Shopping Trip

Yesterday i went for my Diwali shopping.

Guess what time i left home & came back?

Lol from 4.00 p.m. till 8.30 p.m. i was out in Dadar.

Firstly i bought for myself a nice pair of black shoes. If that wasnt enough I next went to the Mall and bought for myself a new pair of jeans.

Heh malls typically have all the stuff needed to tempt you to loosen thse purse strings.

In one of the shops i also liked a mini-Ganesh, a starsign themed mug meant for offcourse an Aquarian like me! Too bad no mug for Lions!!!

Seems all the Leos had taken their share. :P

So we stepped out of the mall & went to one of the biggest shops in the area to buy stuff for mom. She wasnt too keen but i made her eventually buy to salvaars for herself. Lol since they are to be fitted to her size she will be getting them today.

Out of this shop & my bought for myself 2 T-shirts. Cool blue and cooler pink. Heh.

So endth the shopping trip...

And now i just have to worry how to fit all that in my cupboard!!! :P

btw we spend more than 3000 yesterday and still didnt buy any sweets! :(


did i tell you i also went to a science for practical use fair yesterday. it was too cool. Heh

i wish though i could have bought more stuff there.

Daria Sharapova

Today i came to know Maria has a younger cousin who is also a tennis player!

Her name is Daria Sharapova. She is only 11.

Thread dedicated to her:

'Top Spin 2' now available in India reports that Microsoft has launched 16 new games in India including the Tennis Game 'Top Spin 2'.

read the full report here:

Sharapova claims Zurich Open 2006

Maria Sharapova won the Zurich Open by defeating Daniela Hantuchova
6-1 4-6 6-3. In doing so she became the first Russian to win the Zurich Open title.

This was Sharapova's 14th title of her career.

The U.S. Open champion said, "It was weird having that letdown in the second set."

Sharapova dropped only 1 set in Zurich and is 5-1 against Huntuchova with five straight wins.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ambernath Temple in Maharashtra - part 3

pictures continued...

Ambernath Temple in Maharashtra - part 2

more pictures...

Ambernath Temple in Maharashtra - part 1

I had gone to this temple in April this year but i hadnt gotten the pictures scanned and since i have done all that now, i will put some of them up!

Trip Date: 25/04/06

My Description:

Well through the entrance and the inner sanctum sanctorum is actually below the main floor! So you have to go by steps down below! The original "shiv ling" has eroded, so a metal encasing has been put on it. And the vessel for dripping water on the 'ling' (i dont know what its called) has been placed with the help of a massive rod inserted in the ancient walls!

Talk about talking care of the monument!!! The rod is brand new! I dont know what government's doing not caring of the structural integrity.

But the most surprising thing was through the sanctum you can see the sky! You feel like you are at the bottom of this enormous well.


The sculptures were wow wow wow. Every pillar has a different motif. Unfortunately some motifs and figures have been thoroughly eroded. When i went there were rods placed to supprt the structure.

Also restoration is being done using red sandstone! I hope they can conserve it well.

It is really stunning. My mom had been there as a child and spoke of the river passing by. It was bone dry now because of the summer.

Devotees are the worst enemies! They place flowers, garlands and break coconuts! :(

Now to the pictures...

Hingis at player party in Zurich pictures

Hey in her blog she said this & i quote, 'I didn't have much time to change so I quickly rushed to the party.'

Still she ended up looking like this!!! :O

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Hingis' Blog - part 5

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another beautiful day in Zürich! The weather is not too cold which is nice. I don't mind the cold as long as the Sun is out. Soon it will be getting really cold, and the tourists will be coming in to ski, usually in mid-December. I love to ski and one of the best things about where I live is that the mountains are not far away. In the summer I like to do some fitness training - running in the mountains and that kind of thing - and in the winter, when I get the opportunity, I love to ski with friends.

I went to the gym in the morning and did some jogging and sprints on the bike. I had a good workout then did some stretching. John from the Tour was also in the gym running off all the apple fritters he's been eating this week. Naughty John ;)

After the gym, I went back to the room and listened to some music, then made a few calls. I met with Radim at 1pm and drove (obviously in my new Jeep!) to practice. I hit for about 45 minutes. It was a good hit, all very good, as per usual!

For lunch I wanted to keep it simple so I went to the courts and ate in the player lounge. I had pasta with sauce - simple but good! It's important for me to take on slow releasing carbs at lunch so that I have enough energy throughout the day. With my match today being at 6pm, it's important.

Before my match I did my regular warm-up. Again there was a really good crowd which I was pleased about. I played well and it was a good match - I won 63 63. After the match I took a quick shower, and then went to my post-match press conference, first questions in English and then in Swiss German. This is what they always do at my press conferences. All the questions were about my current form and the match that I'd just played. I then signed a few items for the sponsors and then it was off to the player party!

Whilst getting ready for the party I was chatting with Svetlana in the locker room, just the usual girly chat about make-up! I didn't have much time to change so I quickly rushed to the party. They'd converted Court 2 into a formal dinner area. It looked really nice and was full of people. I did a quick photo with the official event magazine and then I was free to join my friends at dinner! It was good so I was happy. It had been a while since my match so I was pretty hungry and ready to eat! There was an award for the most stylish player at the event and Elena won, so she went on stage and was asked a few questions and got presented a nice watch. Some of the other girls were asked questions about their time in Zürich; Maria said she likes it here and loves Schnitzel and also that she was happy to not to be playing on ice, which is what this arena is usually used for (I think I mentioned this before). They also asked Svetlana and Daniela questions about their time in Zürich; they both seemed happy to be here so that was good!

After dinner I said my goodbyes and left for the hotel. It has been a pretty long day so I'm going to see my doctor now for my regular stretch and massage. I shall say good night and wish you all well! But of course I'll be back tomorrow! In the morning I plan to go into Zürich centre just to change things up a little. My mind needs something other than the courts and hotel!



And as usual you have to bear with my thoughts. lol

Number 1 question: Who is "John from the tour"?

quote, ' I then signed a few items for the sponsors and then it was off to the player party!
Whilst getting ready for the party I was chatting with Svetlana in the locker room, just the usual girly chat about make-up! '

Svetlana make-up!!!??? Kuzzy wears make-up. Oh well she needs it, but i still dont wanna see the profile. :P

Hingis' Blog - part 4

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Guten Morgen!

I had a good night's sleep. It's quite dangerous in the room, because when you pull the curtains it's a total blackout; so I need to remember to set my alarm or else I will oversleep until midday, which would not be good! Anyway, I started my day with a nice, long run in the woods again - absolute bliss! I had some pasta at the hotel before going to practice with Radim. That was from 2pm until 3:30pm. It was a good hit, nothing more to report on that part of the day. All is good!

After practice I went to the courts with Radim, and we had a snack in the player lounge. There, I did an interview to promote the Sony Ericsson Championships. It's weird doing an interview in preparation for Madrid before my place has been confirmed. I also had to choose my current favorite song; I was going to pick Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" but Elena Dementieva chose this one already, so I can't have it! Instead I chose Rihanna's "Unfaithful", which is a great song!

So far, the player field for the Championships is Amélie, Justine, Maria, Svetlana, Elena and Nadia; and that leaves two spots left... hopefully one for me :) It would mean a lot to me to make the Championships. After taking time out and doing as well as I've done this year it would be the perfect end to '06. No one knew how I would do this year after my time out but I can say I am pretty happy with how things have gone and I'm very happy to be back on Tour and am already looking forward to 2007. I've confirmed to start 2007 with the Gold Coast event, so I am looking forward to returning to Oz; but first my aim is Madrid, actually here then Madrid, of course!

Today was pretty exciting because V-Zug and myself held a press conference at the courts. We announced I will be again working with them as their ambassador. They have a great team and I am very happy to be working with them again. Also, it means that I have to continue my culinary skills because how can an ambassador for an electrical home-goods company not know how to cook right?! Actually, I don't think I am too bad in that department. Well, I haven't made anyone sick yet! In fact during my time out I did a lot of entertaining at home, I am proud of my new house and I took a lot of pride in the renovating it and having people over.

I'll send some photos from my last V-Zug photo shoot soon. I enjoy shoots because tennis players rarely get the opportunity to dress up and be pampered, so for me shoots are fun. Typically there'll be a stylist and make-up artist on hand. They go through the clothes with you and choose clothing that will look good but they also take into account the kind of thing that the photographer is after and the colors that will be in the shot and match them accordingly. It's a whole different world really but it interests me and I love seeing the end result. The most memorable shoot for me was the GQ shoot I did in 1998 when I wore a cute white dress, I think the photos taken really changed people's perception of me. Hopefully in a good way!

After the press conference, I drove back to the hotel and had dinner with Heinz. After dinner had settled, Heinz stretched me out and gave me a massage to keep my body nice and loose. Great preparation before bed!

I play tomorrow at 6pm against Natalie Dechy from France so an early night for me. I'll head to the gym tomorrow before a spot of breakfast...

Night night!


And my own thoughts:

Dangerous to oversleep. I like the way she puts it. Great sense of humour.

So her current fav. song is Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie"!

And "Unfaithful" is a great song!??? :o

Yeah we know all about the V-Zug ads, afterall i have posted a picture in one of my recent posts. But dudes & dudettesyou gotta search for it. ;)

Qoute, 'Also, it means that I have to continue my culinary skills because how can an ambassador for an electrical home-goods company not know how to cook right?! Actually, I don't think I am too bad in that department. Well, I haven't made anyone sick yet! In fact during my time out I did a lot of entertaining at home, I am proud of my new house and I took a lot of pride in the renovating it and having people over.'

Yes i remember she once said 'I can boil an egg'. lol A lot of progress then she has made. Also her ex-boy friend, the restauranter Stefan might have helped her a lot too. Heh but i sure dont wanna be a test subject(as yet), some people i know wouldnt mind it. As long as they get a cool story to tell. :P

Kidding!!! :D

Hingis' Blog - part 3

Monday, October 16, 2006

I slept like a baby last night!

This morning I got up, had a good breakfast at the hotel, then went to the venue for practice. Naturally, there were a lot more people at the venue today. All the sponsor booths were up and are now in full swing.

I had a good hit, then went back to the hotel for lunch and some time out. I had lunch with my doctor/physio, Heinz Buehlmann. Heinz also works with the Zürich ice hockey team, the ZSC Lions, who train at the Hallenstadion, so it'll be strange for him to see me playing at the arena. It was actually funny because we were supposed to meet for lunch at 1:30pm and I thought Heinz was running late because by 2pm he had still not arrived, so I called him, and he answered saying he was there waiting for me and had arrived at 1:30pm. It turned out he was sitting right behind me hidden by plants. Typical! The waiter was laughing at me!

In the afternoon I picked up my newly-strung racquets from the Yonex booth. I had to get through a lot of kids who were there watching the stringers. It's great to see so many little kids around the event, and I was happy to sign autographs, although it did take me slightly longer to pick up my racquets. I'll remember that for next time! I then hung out in the player lounge before I went to warm up and stretch. The weather in Zürich is starting to get a little cold but the warm up outside was good for me and made me really alert.

Walking out on court was great. There was a good atmosphere and nice that so many people came to watch. I played a good match and really enoyed being out there. The court played really nicely, so I am looking forward to my next match.

In the post-match press conference they told me that Anna Chakvetadze had pulled out. She was the winner of Moscow and apparently hurt her foot during her semifinal match, so a lucky loser will replace her spot to play Nathalie Dechy. They'll play tomorrow and for my second round match I will play the winner.

I didn't finished my press conference until late so I just ate at the venue with my friends who came to support me and then went back to the hotel. It was too late to drive home.

Sleep now... I am exhausted! More to come tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


Again my own thoughts on the same:

We believe you Martina you must sleep like a baby if you keep repeating that. lol

So Heinz Buehlmann is also her physio & not just her doc. as earlier reports seemed to suggest. (remember the time of her foot injury ops?)

Lol @ her goof up. Hidden by plants! :D funny gal...

Hingis' Blog -part 2

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today was a pretty standard day for me. It consisted of two practice sessions with my hitting partner, Radim Valigura, fitness and then a massage. I try to have a massage three times a week even when I'm not in a tournament. I'm sure most people think this is a complete luxury, but the type of massage an athlete has is different, because it's a sports massage and it's not so relaxing! In fact, at times it is very painful. But the result is worth it and it keeps me in good shape and relaxed, and gets rid of any lactic acid in my body, which can build up after hard training. Practice was good today so I feel happy and prepared for my match tomorrow night.

Because of the qualies being played I couldn't practice at the main site so I just went there to get a feel for the arena and its atmosphere and see how the court was playing. I love the Hallenstadion arena - they've done a great job, it looks really professional and I am sure with the excited fans running around it's going to have a great atmosphere. Next door at Theatre 11 they have We Will Rock You on, the Queen musical. I saw it last year in London and loved it. I also bought the CD. I doubt I'll get chance to see it here in Zürich, which is a shame. When I have some free time I love to go to the cinema or Theatre, and always like to hear about the new movies coming out.

In the afternoon I went for a run in the woods behind the hotel. It's a great place to run and escape, and when I was working at the event in previous years I'd run there every morning and take some time out. It's so peaceful and natural.

In the evening I went to the player welcome reception at the hotel. It was a nice gathering and and opportunity for the players to chat and catch up. I then met my manager, Phil, and Abi from Octagon for dinner, and we were all pretty tired so decided not to go into town and just stay at the hotel. I guess all the other girls had the same idea, because most of the players ate in the hotel.

Main draw starts tomorrow so early to bed for me. I'm excited about playing so I hope I sleep well!


Hingis' Blog - part 1

So Martina Hingis is writing a blog from Zurich...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

So after six years, I am back playing the Zürich Open in front of my home crowd. It's an exciting feeling! Today I went downtown to the Jelmoli shopping mall to be present at the draw ceremony. It was pretty busy - TV and print media were present, plus fans and interested shoppers.

I am pretty excited at the moment because I've just bought a new car. It's the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, the ONLY one in Zürich for the next two months, so I'm trying to drive it around as much as possible to show it off. It's beautiful - nearly as beautiful as my two horses, if only my horses had as much power!!!

I let Beat Ritschard from Octagon, also the Tournament Director of the Zürich Open, drive the jeep. My nerves just about calmed down by the time I reached the mall - I now know the meaning of a white knuckle ride! I'm not sure I'll allow him to drive my beautiful jeep again, sorry Beat! It was great to see so many people at the mall for the ceremony. I drew Anna-Lena Groenefeld first round, and the media asked me what I thought about playing her. I told them I was looking forward to my first match at home for six years and that she is a great player with a lot of talent and obviously can be a dangerous opponent.

After the ceremony, I spoke with Murphy Jensen from the Tennis Channel, which is always entertaining. He gave me a present that he'd bought in Zürich, Swiss Miss hot chocolate. "Swiss Miss for the Swiss Miss," he told me. Thanks Murphy! After media interviews I went to say hi to the adidas store and picked up some great winter boots that will be perfect now that the weather is getting colder here. Hopefully I'll be able to use them in Madrid too! My place hasn't been confirmed for the Championships yet so I need to do well here to make it... It would be an amazing end to the year!

Next stop was home. I live 40 minutes away from the tournament site. I'd like to stay at home for the whole week, but sometimes with bad traffic it can take too long. I'll stay at the tournament hotel some nights for ease but I'll try and stay at home as much as possible so that I can drive my new car; and if I have to stay at the hotel, maybe I'll just take the long route :)

I have attached some photos taken from the draw ceremony. I'll write again tomorrow... I need to go cook my dinner now - red meat and pasta - mmmm!

Good night,



My own views:

This gal is a natural communicator. Her first post itself makes for a wonderful read.

So we now know she has added one more vehicle to her stable (of cars not horses, she already has enough horse power). And this time its a jeep!!!

Anyone else wondering what it looks like?

Well wonder no more --->

Lol so her new passion is on top of her mind as this suggests, quote 'I'll stay at the tournament hotel some nights for ease but I'll try and stay at home as much as possible so that I can drive my new car; and if I have to stay at the hotel, maybe I'll just take the long route :) '

Happy, confident students do worse in math!!!

I just found this AP article on yahoo.

Since one of my good friends is a struggler in math, i thought it was worthwhile to post the link here & present it to him later.

Wonder what he will think!??

*fingers crossed*

The link:

Radek Stepanek pictures

My picks are above two: What do you think?

So herein i found some "sensational" pictures of this guy.(Hingis' boy friend)

Ok lol not quite but i will pick 2 of them as 'his best'... :P

note: all pictures credited to their original capers.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Proof : Girls are evil

So Manfred & I were having this "discussion" on msn about how 'b*****' women can be with other women.

Especially in front of men.

The topic came up after my msn sign-in message ":@ Pissed off at mummy's workmates".

And because women are very good at being bad and i found this lil 'nugget' in my archives; i will now post a proof "why women are evil"

P.S. Fellow tribes(women) no need to kill me on this one, i am just trying to entertain the men here!!!

Success Finally...

I had been trying for more than 2 hrs to add that 'reddit submit button' yesterday!

it seems the size was causing a few problems, so i fixed it today by adding a smaller size.

see it to the right hand side below the links & blogger button ---------->

btw now you can use it to submit the site to

I will be looking into adding some rss feed buttons too. And also since folks informed me that the banner is a little too small, i will try to get a bigger one soon.

bye & thanx for reading through. ;)

btw if someone knows how to add similies to blogger, can they tell me???

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Msnbc Article on France's baby boom

Nice article. read it.

Martina Hingis photo in Zug Advert

Hingis in Zug Advert.

Comments by Itchy:

Looks like Martina is encouraging people to pay their taxes and declare all their earnings (sponsorship dollars) which is a very smart thing to do. A few years ago, Steffi Graf's father had to go to jail for tax evasion, no fault of Steffi's because she allowed her Dad to invest her money or at least look after it..just recently there was a black singer from the U.S. was arrested for tax evasion as well...hadn't paid any taxes in 4 or 5 years so is in "deep water". As most of us know, Martina has admitted that she hasn't spent one cent of her earnings in tennis (some 19+ million) and has been living on the interest all these cookie if you can do it! But unbelievably can purchase houses, horses, new cars and she's always the best dressed gal out there besides donating a lot of her money to charity!

And by Irinska:

It's not Whirlpool Europe ad posters! Martina is sponsored by Zug and they've just renewed her contract!Itchy, Martina is having more than 60 mil. in the bank and it's pretty easy to be living on the interest of such money and at the same time to spend alot! I'm not worried about her, she's not relying on her mom about that only on proffesionals!


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Justice finally for Mattoo

This has been one of the greatest days in Indian Judicial system wherein after prolonged efforts thanx to the family of the victim and the general public, justice has prevailed.

That Santosh Singh was guilty was even acknowledged by the trial judge G. P. Thareja, but in letting him go scotfree the justice & police system in India took the worst beating. The High Court noted 'The trial court mauled justice, its decision has shocked the conscience of this court'

The HC rightly pronounced him guilty of the charge of both rape & murder of Ms. Mattoo 1996. That it took so long for him to be brought to justice is an indicator of how much the common man has to fight for, to get his rights in modern India. The delays in our justice system are a reminder of how urgent the need is for judicial reforms.

More shameful is the fact that Santosh Singh was a lawyer himself. If criminals can become lawyers what more can go wrong for the judicial process.

It was the DNA evidence which finally nailed him.

Singh has been remanded to custody and will be sentenced on the 20th of this month.

Meanwhile his friends and family got into a scuffle with the cameramen posted outside the court when they tried to take pictures of Singh being led away by the police.

This also augurs well for the other two high profile cases of the murders of Jessica Lal & Nitish Katara which are unfortunately bogged down by appeals & the absence of Bharati Yadav. With the accused in these two cases also moving around freely pointing thumbs at the judicial process, the fight is still far from over.

The most endearing fact that has come out of all this is the triumph of the civil society in India, long silent & suffering because of morbid paralysis. The closing of ranks by common people has done more to keep this case fresh in the minds of public.

Anyone wanting to read the details of the case may please visit my earlier post in this regard:

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How to make a 'KANDIL' (paper lantern)

So i was always wondering about how to make a Diwali 'Kandil' (paper lanterns: Is that what they are called!? ). Also someone was searching at my blog on how to do so. Hence it is only appropriate i post on how to make one.

Following is a list of all websites that tell you how to make one:

The first one really tells how to make a simple one. (as their tag line goes: Children's Corner - Arts & Crafts - Kandil Making)

Fancy Kandils:

And for those looking for more go here. A really exhaustive list to sate your appetite:,SUNA:2005-51,SUNA:en&q=paper+lanterns

And dont cringe when it says Chinese/Japanese lanterns. Half the 'kandils' we see in shops are of Chinese make. lol

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Signing up for Google Adsense

Just signed up for Google Adsense. Lets see how it goes...

Diwali info for the uninitiated

Heh so my overseas friends wonder no more. Here is all the info on Diwali i can sum up!

Diwali is also variously spelt as Deewali / Deepawali / Dipavali / Divali. It is the 'festival of lights' and India being a land of festivals this is the most grand of all of them!

It a major Hindu festival which is celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita to their kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

Usually occurs in October/November according to the Hindu calender and lasts for 5 days.

Diwali typically means lots of sweets, shopping, lighting diyas (lamps) and electric garlands!

Also bursting crackers. (which i love to do, albeit in control; i dont wanna spread too much air/noise pollution)

You might not believe dear friends how 'lit up' India is during this time!!! :D You gotta see it to believe it.

Hey if someone posts a YouTube video i will add it here. ;)

You can find more assorted and detailed info on wikipedia:

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bollywood expansion in overseas markets

Nice going and take that those Brit-Pakis making that anti-Bollywood video!

Ha Ha Ha

Read the following reports:

Other Takeaways for your Blogger Template

Listed is all that you will ever need for your blogger template:

Another good one:

Adding Technorati Tags to blogger

Find yourself the best method on this page. I tried one myself... See the results below in the Seles picture link!

Federer with Seles at Japan Open


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Rutherform turned 36!

So Ruth baby turned 36.

huh time flies doesnt it. heh hope he had a fine birthday. :D

Adding your own banner to blogger

So i found this great 'tip' page on adding your own banner to the blogger template.

And i also tried it.

Hey guys look up... :P

The site also explains how to add your own links. Now if you have any more great tips please spread the good word. ;)

Akinom's Seles in Japan Picture

Akinom has posted a picture of Monica Seles in Japan.

You can view the picture here:

Shopping for Diwali & watching movie

So yesterday i finally finally saw Munnabhai. The noon show was really crowded.

In the theater during the break we had some light entertainment offcourse thanx to a little boy.

So everyone who has seen a movie in India knows about the 'social messages' that are played on-screen during the break (also preceding the movie) like dont litter the environment, smoking is injurious to health etc etc.

This one was a poster about 'urinating in public places . Our little friend asked his Dad 'loudly', "Papa what does this message say?"

Rather embarassed the man said, "Cant you read?"

To which the boy had this to say, " Arent we supposed to go to toilet now?"

That drew a chorus of laughter from everyone. Very amusing!!! :D

Adter the movie we went shopping for a 'Kandil'.

Hmm at Citylight we found the one we had seen earlier. This guy said 70, we thought we'd find a cheaper one ahead.

There we found same make of Kandil only Rs. 100! Discouraged we went till Ranade Road!

After a little bargaining we bought the same Kandil outright for Rs. 60!

Talk about swindling customers in India! :(

Also near Citylight we spotted the most fab. diyas, kandils, rangoli makers...

Diwali shopping is great, looking forward to some more. :P

Review : Lage Raho Munnabhai

lage raho munnabhai review

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani

Writing credits Vidhu Vinod Chopra
(screenplay)Rajkumar Hirani

Tagline: Munnabhai meets Mahatma Gandhi

Credited cast:

Sanjay Dutt - Murli Prasad Sharma - Munna Bhai
Arshad Warsi - Circuit
Vidya Balan - Jhanvi
Boman Irani - Lucky Singh
Dilip Prabhavalkar - Mahatma Gandhi
Diya Mirza - Simran
Kulbhushan Kharbanda - Kkhurana
Saurabh Shukla - Batuk Maharaj
Jimmy Shergill - Victor D'Souza

Also Known As:
Munnabhai 2nd Innings (India: Hindi title) (working title) Munnabhai Meets Mahatma Gandhi (India: English title) (working title)

Runtime: 130 min
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Color: Color
Certification: India:U

Yesterday i went and watched this great movie with my mom. I wasnt too keen to see it in the first place.

But after i came out of the theater i was wondering why dont film makers make more movies like this one around the world.

Nothing wrong with only making movies on gross entertainment, or politics, but this one really hit the mark.

Shows how entertainment can gel with giving a political/social message without offcourse the usual trappings of going overboard with either too much melodrama or too little enthusiasm.

That Gandhism is more relevant in today's world than ever before is true but to bring the message onto the front stage so beautifully and convincingly is the hallmark of this movie.

Munnabhai's "practical" applications of Gandhigiri (and this is a term we should well remember) were eye openers.

Especially in that scene wherein he turns his other cheek towards the guard showed what it really means in actual practise! Not easy this path of 'Satyagraha' is!

That it takes a lot of courage to say you are sorry (Munna saying sorry to his buddy Circuit) was also brought out effectively along with speaking the truth when you make a mistake (Jimmy Shergill's dilemma), forgiveness (Munna's lady love & Parikshit Sahni)...

Even though you may laugh loud at the comic way the story moves ahead you simply cannt miss the underline tone of the movie.

After you get in so many ways (re)introduced to the Mahatma and his teachings, one cannt help but feel even more respect for the man and disgust our shameful ways in todays world.

Simplicity is indeed best.

Hingis in Virtua Tennis 3

So here is a review of the game on PS3

I was wondering if anyone has any review about this one?

read this:

"Now that our best chance of winning Wimbledon rests in the sweaty mitts of a plukey-faced, English-hating Scot, there are only two reasons to watch tennis: Maria Sharapova and her legs that go all the way up to her tits. Or is that one reason? We don't know - we're looking, not counting.

Virtua Tennis 3 will give you an ideal view of those perfect pins, along with the powerful thighs of Martina Hingis, Venus Williams, grunting Lindsay Davenport and Daniela Hantuchova. The inclusion of the female tennis circuit is a first for the series, but more importantly, we've found it is possible to glimpse the odd knicker-flash as they dive and stretch for the ball."

Not very flattering!!!

Shoib Akhtar & Md. Asif fail drugs test

Controversy reigned supreme again in Pakistan cricket and brought the ICC Champions Trophy under a(nother) cloud of controversy.

Pakistan's star players Shoib Akhtar & Mohammad Asif, both returning from injuries and on medication tested positive for the Nandralone.

With this news out of the Malaysian lab coming out, both players have now been sent back to Pakistan.

While coach Woolmer and captain Younis Khan may give them benefit of doubt it remains to be seen how with doctors, fitness trainers, coaches and dieticians available at the push of a button to these players they could possibly & accidently consume the substance from medicine.

Professional atheletes must be more than aware of what they put into their system.

Anti Bollywood Video from You Tube

Times of India article: The anti-bollywood video

Those you who may be wondering what this anti-Bollywood video made by British-Pakistanis is all about can watch it right here!

The Times of India article "Brit-Pakis bash bollywood" can be read online here:,curpg-1.cms

, ,

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Inside you've got the passion and ideals of a teenager
And your intensity for life is what attracts most of the men you date
You also like to party - and quite often you're the life of the party
You've brought the best of your younger years with you... at least most of the time.

hmmm and what do you think of that?

Your World View

You are a fairly broadminded romantic and reasonably content.
You value kindness and try to live by your ideals.
You have strong need for security, which may be either emotional or material.

You respect truth and are flexible.
You like people, and they can readily make friends with you.
You are not very adventurous, but this does not bother you.

Teenager Forever! lol :P

You Are 15 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

How Evil Am I?

This is for someone who thinks I am not!!!

Perhaps he should try the quiz himself and be honest in the answers too. ;)

You Are 38% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

Martina Hingis Income!

Hilarius reports:

In the last days before the start of the Zurich Open most papers in the Zurich area write something about tennis. So its with the "Cashdaily" a business evening paper, which is distributed free of charge mainly in the Zurich area. I give you herewith an abridged translation of an article of Oct.13 in this paper. although this paper has an English name, its written in German.



"Martina earns well, very well" says Martina's agent and tournament director B.Ritschard. Her income consists of three parts.

With the prize money she fetched this year upto now USD one million.

The second part are the promotion-compensations. These have to be paid by the tournament organizers when they make promotions with the players during the tournament. These compensations double more or less her prize money, mainly as she is very popular on the tour.

The third parts are contracts with Adidas and Yonex and other personal contracts with V-Zug etc. These contracts get her about USD ten millions.

"The success is really great" says Daniela Hotz, responsible for PR with V-Zug, "although the beginning was rather modest.

We engaged Martina, when her career seemed to be finished".

Next Tuesday, V-Zug and Martina shall inform during the Zurich Open, about an extension of the contract.


What is most interesting in this article are the promotions-compensations. The prize money you can look up on the WTA website. And about the USD ten millions you could read in the papers some times ago.

WTA injury saga continues...

Martina Hingis was one of the few big names to actually show up as promised this past summer in Montreal.

WTA suffering from withdrawls
October 12, 2006

Fans, sponsors and TV executives sensed it, and now the WTA Tour has put it in black and white: Top women's tennis players pulled out of events at a record rate this season.

In an effort to address the issue, tour CEO Larry Scott called Friday for rules changes in 2007 that would double fines for withdrawals and reduce the number of events players must enter.

"The women's game has changed a lot over the last five to seven years in terms of the depth; the power with which players hit the ball; the rigors of the tour, mentally and physically," Scott said in a telephone interview from St. Petersburg, Fla.

"The game's changed a lot, but the structure and the demands on the players haven't changed. If anything, they've gotten tougher. That's what we're trying to fix."

As if to illustrate Scott's point, U.S. Open champion Maria Sharapova withdrew Friday from the Kremlin Cup before her quarter-final match, citing a right foot injury.

"I couldn't practice and even walk yesterday," she said. "I have to pull out. I'm really disappointed, but I have no choice."

At least spectators in Russia got to see her play one match. More than ever, leading women's tennis players are failing to show up at all.

Sharapova also withdrew from the Rogers Cup in Montreal this summer, an event that has hit hard by no-shows.

The list included France's Mary Pierce, Switzerland's Patty Schnyder, Russia's Vera Zvonareva, France's Amelie Mauresmo, Belgium's Justine Henin-Hardenne, American Venus Williams and Russia's Elena Bovina.

According to the tour, withdrawals from Tier I events -- the 10 most important WTA tournaments -- by players ranked in the top 10 more than doubled from 13 in 2005 to a record 31 in 2006.

Withdrawals at Tier I tournaments by top-10 players have increased 72 per cent over the past five seasons, the tour said, and for the first time, none of the 10 Tier I events featured more than five women ranked in the top 10.

And those statistics don't take into account the four Grand Slam tournaments or headline-grabbing players no longer in the top 10. Serena Williams missed Wimbledon and the French Open, for example. Venus Williams and defending champion Kim Clijsters withdrew from the U.S. Open.

"The last 12 to 15 months have created a sense of urgency for us," Scott said.

In recent weeks, Scott drew up proposals for next season he expects to be approved by the WTA board of directors no later than its meeting in Madrid in November:

-- reduce the number of WTA tournaments a player must enter from 13, probably to 12 (in addition to Grand Slam events and Fed Cup);

-- double fines for withdrawing, with the current maximum of US$20,000 rising to $40,000;

-- prevent players from getting wild cards into tournaments a week after withdrawing from another event.

Scott also wants to implement by 2009 some wider changes originally slated to go into effect in 2010:

-- shorten the season by two weeks so it ends in October instead of November, giving players an offseason that lasts two months instead of six weeks;

-- reduce the minimum number of WTA tournaments a player must enter to 11 or fewer;

-- add more breaks during the season, including changing Fed Cup dates so players aren't required to play right after Grand Slam tournaments.

Similar moves are being considered in men's tennis. ATP chairman Etienne de Villiers said in August he wants to figure out how to discourage top players from withdrawing from tournaments, and he raised the possibility of rankings point reductions. The ATP already is trying to reduce wear and tear by eliminating best-of-five-set finals at tournaments that use best-of-three matches earlier in the draw.

"I've gotten a lot of feedback," Scott said, "from fans, television broadcast partners, our sponsors, plus the players themselves, saying, 'Help! We need to make some changes."'