Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Drunken mobs same worldwide

Scouring the times of india, a piece of news caught my attention.

With the recent outrage looming large over the Juhu molestation incident, this seemed like deja vu.

It seems a mob in Australia did the same with women out there and this race car event was promoted as a "family event"!

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Canberra for the annual Summernats festival, billed as a family event. Instead drunken young men morphed into mobs harassed any woman they found in their sight and demanded they flash their breasts.

Booze and boys never mix especially when they get into mobs.

And this phenomenon will only become more common in India as we become more western in our lifestyles. And for all those much tooted values of ours by conservatives, why dont you ask the men to not drink.

So while the woman's dress is criticised, its ok to get drunk and act lousy!?

Sharapova screams close to siren/aircraft sound!

At Wimbledon, the London tabloids' famous grunt-o-meter first used to measure the squeals of Monica Seles has recorded Sharapova's noise level at 101.2 decibels - the equivalent, apparently, of a police siren at close range or a small aircraft landing nearby.

Damn i was shocked to read this.

One thing one must never do with this woman is to startle her. perhaps getting her angry will also have the same effect, unless you plan to get a hearing aid soon.

Read this cool article about players noise formula to beat other players:

Seles was on the Dave Kozlowski show

Seles was at the David Kozlowski show on Dec18th.


Monica Seles News

Monica Seles at Bank of the West Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic.

A nice picture of Seles and Capriati

report here:

Seles considering comeback.

After the much tainted Martina Hingis and Lindsay Davenport's successful comebacks, yesteryear star Monica Seles is talking about making yet another comeback.

Sidelined with foot injuries, she never officially retired.

"I still love to play. That has never lessened," Seles told the LA Times. "What Lindsay did was just so cool. And what I know now, I wish I had known then. Like stretching more before and after matches. You go out and win 6-3 6-1 and say that was easy and you wouldn't stretch. I guess I kind of had two tennis careers. And now perhaps a third. I certainly would not ever be able to do a full schedule again, because of the foot."

"But I'm thinking about the Slams and about some of the better tournaments that lead into them. I won't decide for sure until the beginning of the year and the Australian is certainly not possible. But Miami. Maybe.", she added.