Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hingis' Blog - part 6

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hello everyone!

So, another sunny but cold day here in Zürich! As I told you last night, I needed to mix it up a little today so I went downtown with a friend. We met for breakfast at one of the most famous and traditional cafes in Zürich, called Sprungli. It has the most amazing hot chocolate in the world. I just love it. It was funny because the waitress came and told us Roger Federer always comes to their cafe and sits in the same spot as we were sitting - obviously, the 'in' place for us Swiss tennis players! I had a little breakfast, traditional Swiss bircher muesli; for those of you who don't know what it is, it's Swiss muesli mixed with a little yoghurt and milk, and then you can add fruit too. It's really good so I suggest you try it!

Afterwards, we walked to the famous Zürich See. It was actually very foggy; you can usually see the other side of the lake, which is where my house is located. I've attached a pic taken of me at the lake this morning so you'll see!

We then walked around the city, through the old town where the artsy shops are. This is my favorite area of Zürich because there is a little more to it. Previously it was the rough part of town, but now they've cleaned the area up and made it unique. There are also a few exclusive boutiques to be found around this area.

Obviously, no girl in their right mind can go into Zürich without a) having some chocolate (mission accomplished) and b) shopping... I hit the shops and went to one of my favorite stores, Grieder, which I would describe as a smaller version of Saks Fifth and like Harvey Nics in London. We stopped for a drink in the Grieder bar, on their roof terrace, and then went back to shopping. Next, we went along to Jelmoli, where I'd been previously for the draw ceremony on Saturday. We had a little browse and then I went back to the practice courts to hit with Radim. We had a good hit! After that I went back to the hotel, went for a nice run in the woods again, did some sprints and had a good stretch.

I showered, made some calls and then met Abi and Al from Octagon for dinner. We were going to go to town but being somewhat superstitious I decided to stick with my winning formula and eat in the hotel restaurant. A little unexpected, as Vijay Armtraj walked in with his wife! He asked about my recent trip to Kolkata. Obviously I told him it was excellent because I won. I said I'd like to go back and see more of India, and Vijay suggested Goa, so maybe I will Goa there ;)

I have just sorted out my tickets for tomorrow's match. I play Svetlana at 6pm. She beat Jelena Jankovic; it looked like a pretty close match. I'm looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow.

Well, it's time for bed so I will wish you good night! Or good morning wherever you are reading this...

Gute nacht! :)

some of my own thoughts:

having chocolate mission accomplished! lol

hmm so she wants to goa to Goa! yep sun, sea n surf... :P also sea food. yum :P

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