Monday, October 23, 2006

Cool fun with Google Search

Lol so lots of search for our names on google to see the results and get an ego boost.

And i admit i do it too. :P

But did you, you can aslo google your name in the reverse and get results?

So first try my own name. You know what the correct spelling is: VIDHYUT

Lets write that in reverse TUYHDIV and 'googling' it. ;)

See what it comes up with:

Ok next up 'MARTINA HINGIS'...



Strangely it also came up with: Did you mean "singing anitram"!!! Lol

And after i searched "sotnas solrac siul" i got "did you mean Stones, solrac, soul" :P ;)

So google you name and have some laughs or get riled...

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