Saturday, October 14, 2006

Martina Hingis Income!

Hilarius reports:

In the last days before the start of the Zurich Open most papers in the Zurich area write something about tennis. So its with the "Cashdaily" a business evening paper, which is distributed free of charge mainly in the Zurich area. I give you herewith an abridged translation of an article of Oct.13 in this paper. although this paper has an English name, its written in German.



"Martina earns well, very well" says Martina's agent and tournament director B.Ritschard. Her income consists of three parts.

With the prize money she fetched this year upto now USD one million.

The second part are the promotion-compensations. These have to be paid by the tournament organizers when they make promotions with the players during the tournament. These compensations double more or less her prize money, mainly as she is very popular on the tour.

The third parts are contracts with Adidas and Yonex and other personal contracts with V-Zug etc. These contracts get her about USD ten millions.

"The success is really great" says Daniela Hotz, responsible for PR with V-Zug, "although the beginning was rather modest.

We engaged Martina, when her career seemed to be finished".

Next Tuesday, V-Zug and Martina shall inform during the Zurich Open, about an extension of the contract.


What is most interesting in this article are the promotions-compensations. The prize money you can look up on the WTA website. And about the USD ten millions you could read in the papers some times ago.

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