Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seles on tennis hall of fame ballot

News is being reported that 9-time Grand Slam champion Monica Seles is on the ballot os Tennis Hall of Fame.

French Open winner Andres Gimeno and tennis leaders Donald Dell, Dr. Robert Johnson and Eiichi Kawatei are on the ballot list of 5 candidates as well.

Voting will be held for the next few months and results will be announced in January. The induction is set for July 11 in Newport, R.I.

martina hingis & anna kournikova

nice picture i found

Chembur area

I was back to the chembur "bhulbhulaiya" area.

since i have only been to this place a second time, i end up in confusion. especially the area around diamond garden.

the plathora of roads and their numbers!

for example we had to search for which is road no. 8 to go to the hall for the wedding. all roads look the same. and since it was night time, there was more confusion.

thank good for good samaritans, a lady enthusiastically dirested us to the right lane! some people are always ready to shower info on others.

Wedding ceremonies and all that

i had gone to a wedding yesterday.

thankfully it was unlike most wedding ceremonies.

very sober, and without the much advertised glamour and pomp!

thankfully there was no noise pollution either. and set apart from the crowd the food was presentable & good.

vicky rates the whole thing 4 outta 5.

normally its 2 or 3 outta 5 in my book.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Connected

so i joined Facebook world's top networking site & also orkut.

surprise surprise as soon as i joined them i managed to connect with school friends i had been out of touch with for 10 years!!! :o

its great to have sites which can reconnect people up like that & also make people make new connections.

just a nota of caution would be the tons of applications that can be added to one's profile.

not only isnt ur information shared with 3rd party applications which the original site refuses to vouch for (read at your own risk) but it also makes loading of member pages that much slower.

the more apps a person has added, the slower their page loads!!!

facebook's different from orkut in the sense one's profile isnt public unlike orkut where if u dont take care much info is shared. facebook gives a sense of control unfortunately u tend to loose it unwittingly the moment you start adding apps...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Outrageous parody on Indian Gods

Outrageous parody on Indian Gods

In his guise to portray Bollywood archetypical movies, Devendra Banhart has crossed a line.

anyone watching this video can find it even remotely funny?

firstly he doesnt understand Bollywood at all. Secondly this gross portrayal of Indian Gods may be ok with him, but not with us.

The video pokes fun at Hindu concept of reincarnation, Mahakali mata, Lord Ganesh & Shiva.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


hey this gal is back. and i will update i promise soon enough.