Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How to make a 'KANDIL' (paper lantern)

So i was always wondering about how to make a Diwali 'Kandil' (paper lanterns: Is that what they are called!? ). Also someone was searching at my blog on how to do so. Hence it is only appropriate i post on how to make one.

Following is a list of all websites that tell you how to make one:

The first one really tells how to make a simple one. (as their tag line goes: Children's Corner - Arts & Crafts - Kandil Making)

Fancy Kandils:

And for those looking for more go here. A really exhaustive list to sate your appetite:,SUNA:2005-51,SUNA:en&q=paper+lanterns

And dont cringe when it says Chinese/Japanese lanterns. Half the 'kandils' we see in shops are of Chinese make. lol

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