Friday, October 20, 2006

Hingis' Blog - part 3

Monday, October 16, 2006

I slept like a baby last night!

This morning I got up, had a good breakfast at the hotel, then went to the venue for practice. Naturally, there were a lot more people at the venue today. All the sponsor booths were up and are now in full swing.

I had a good hit, then went back to the hotel for lunch and some time out. I had lunch with my doctor/physio, Heinz Buehlmann. Heinz also works with the Zürich ice hockey team, the ZSC Lions, who train at the Hallenstadion, so it'll be strange for him to see me playing at the arena. It was actually funny because we were supposed to meet for lunch at 1:30pm and I thought Heinz was running late because by 2pm he had still not arrived, so I called him, and he answered saying he was there waiting for me and had arrived at 1:30pm. It turned out he was sitting right behind me hidden by plants. Typical! The waiter was laughing at me!

In the afternoon I picked up my newly-strung racquets from the Yonex booth. I had to get through a lot of kids who were there watching the stringers. It's great to see so many little kids around the event, and I was happy to sign autographs, although it did take me slightly longer to pick up my racquets. I'll remember that for next time! I then hung out in the player lounge before I went to warm up and stretch. The weather in Zürich is starting to get a little cold but the warm up outside was good for me and made me really alert.

Walking out on court was great. There was a good atmosphere and nice that so many people came to watch. I played a good match and really enoyed being out there. The court played really nicely, so I am looking forward to my next match.

In the post-match press conference they told me that Anna Chakvetadze had pulled out. She was the winner of Moscow and apparently hurt her foot during her semifinal match, so a lucky loser will replace her spot to play Nathalie Dechy. They'll play tomorrow and for my second round match I will play the winner.

I didn't finished my press conference until late so I just ate at the venue with my friends who came to support me and then went back to the hotel. It was too late to drive home.

Sleep now... I am exhausted! More to come tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


Again my own thoughts on the same:

We believe you Martina you must sleep like a baby if you keep repeating that. lol

So Heinz Buehlmann is also her physio & not just her doc. as earlier reports seemed to suggest. (remember the time of her foot injury ops?)

Lol @ her goof up. Hidden by plants! :D funny gal...

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