Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kim Clijsters trips over pet dog!

Lol Kim Clijsters tripped over her dog!!! :P

Kim's Diary
All set for Wednesday! 24-10-2006

Despite tripping over my dog and bruising my tailbone last week's training went fine. I feel ready to have a go at it at the Gaz de France Stars in Hasselt from Wednesday onwards.

I also look forward to next week: to be able to play a match! Even though I haven't been training in the last two days because of a bruised tailbone. Very silly: while I was playing football at home with Brian, his dad (who is visiting us for a couple of weeks) and the dogs, I tripped over Diesel - the biggest one - and fell badly. Luckily enough nothing serious, but serious enough too be resting for two days.

My training sessions are going well though: both speed and intensity have been increased gradually in the last week and still I wasn't hindered by my wrist. Tomorrow I'll continue training. I can truly say now that I'll be ready for my first match in two months! And this before my home audience, always a great pleasure. Whatever the outcome will be, I'm not at expecting too much. The Gaz de France Stars have a strong field this year, worthy of a Tier II tournament. My major aim right now is to be able to play the first match without pain, and win it of course.

Whether or not I'll be at the Masters is not so much of a concern to me. I have said it before that it would be hard against the top players after two months of absence anyway. But that is not on focus right now, we'll see how things go after Hasselt.

I hope to see you all there in great numbers, it would do me good!


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