Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Federer wins over Sampras

Pistol Pete's pisrol doesnt fire as well. And it was evident at the exhibition match that took place between him and world number one Roger Federer.

Rogy comfortably beat Pete 6-4 6-3 in a little over an hour, 61 minutes to be exact.

So much for eras by gone.

Riger already 26 will have to face a similar fate though one day...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Indian Voter ID Cards

So today i finally got my voter id card made. since the process was opened in our locality on 17th nov, i put all my papers in place. but it seems they (election commission) send a pre-filled invitation form!

and we didnt recieve it becoz they didnt know in whose hands the bundle was sent for distribution. we found out only yesterday that the forms were with a volunteer from our own colony!

so we had to go to uncle's place to get my form. and unnecessarily chat about stuff like colony politics which he kept talking about. uncle is a big chatterbox! needless to say so is mom. duh!!!
i got my id done the next day and boy is there confusion at these places. half the folks dont know how its done and stand in the wrong lines! and the guys who do the actual work look harassed.

significantly not a soul from our colony was there among the crowds. not many may be aware even i think.

and the picture from the webcam is printed in black-white. when infact i had gone to my native place a month or so back, they got their pictures in colour!

so village folks get colour ids while we so called sophisticated guys from the city get b/w pictures which show up grainy and hazy!!! :( :( :(

mera bharat mahan indeed...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Blogging to make money

I came up on this site via Technorati:

Pesky kids and potted plants

I had planted 2 seeds. One of them sprout and a little plant had grown. After tending to it and another shrub i planted in 2 little pots for over 2 months, i was pleased with the results.

imagine my horror when today i saw them in the window, it seems some nasty little kids who play around our house had plucked on all the leaves on the shrub! and the little plantling had its main shoot plucked too. Now both of them are dead.

it is so disgusting that kids can do such things. and to top it all they were inside the window grill. so someone reached in and did this stuff. horrible demise for the plants. :(

now i know why plants produce so many fruits n seeds!

Boris Becker's comments on Hingis dope test

Boris Becker's comments on hingis dope test

"There are a lot of rumours and a lot of talk, but nothing is really proved," he said of the scandals.

"I do not give too much emphasis in rumours and with Martina Hingis it is the same thing."

Looks like the WTA is firmly behind our gal in her latest ordeal. Good for her.

Sharapova and Karan Johar

In Karan Johar's own words, "Maria Sharapova is a sports legend. It was an informal warm and friendly chat. She had apparently been told I was the David Letterman of India. So she was expecting someone much older."

since his busy schedules he wont be doing interviews but he also added, "But if someone as challenging as Maria Sharapova comes along I don't mind doing the occasional interview."

Some more updates on Sania Mirza

So i added another update. Sania Mirza launched a credit card. A tiny report can be found here:

Mirza report

Additionally The Hindu carries this report which you can read on the following link:

The Hindu report

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sharapova and Karan Johar

Maria Sharapova launched the Dubai Lifestyle City recently.

"It is an honour for me to be associated with the launch of this project as it includes the IMG Academies. This is an incredible project and I would willingly do anything to support anything that has IMG associated with it as I was with the IMG Academy from the time I was seven."

The Dubai Lifestyle City is ETA Star Group's life-style project to be located in Dubailand, the region's largest tourism, leisure, entertainment and lifestyle destination. The project will be made up of 68 Tuscan-style villas and 120 villettes.

Meanwhile "apna" (our) Karan Johar is doing an interview with her for his show. So we could soon be seeing Maria having coffee with K-Jo!!!

yum and she better win the hamper otherwise he will get smashed with her racket. lol

Johar who is in Dubai for his shooting, was invited for the launch of the Dubai Lifestyle City. Part of the launch programme included dinner with Sharapova, to which five lucky winners were invited, and an interaction between the Indian filmmaker and Russian tennis ace.

Since Johar isnt well-versed about sports, he is now busy reading up on books. ha ha ha

Sports Memorabilia Website

Sports Memorabilia Website with a difference. Its already signed stuff!!!

Great signed combo pic. of Sharapova and Federer

Federer backs Hingis

Federer backs Hingis in dope saga.

A shocked Federer who has idolised Hingis in his young years as a player said, "When I heard the news, it gave me a shock. I don't quite understand why at this time she has chosen to reveal this and end her career, because it is a huge career which is being stopped here. I know that I would have acted differently."

He also added, "I haven't forgotten that it was with her, at Hopman Cup, that I won the first title of my career. I really hope she can prove her innocence. I am behind her. I could never imagine that she was doping in one way or another."

Henin picture find

I found the following picture of Justine Henin on rediff. Looks great in that colour. She was spotted at the Qatar Open tennis tournament in Doha.

Here is the link for the picture:

Henin in Doha Picture

Henin logs more records

Justine Henin won her 10th title of the season, a feat since Hingis did the same in 1997 by winning the season ending WTA championships in Madrid. This was her 2nd straight win at the championship which had also won last year.

In an epic final Henin defeated Maria Sharapova, 5-7, 7-5, 6-3 to record her win in 3 hours and 24 minutes. In the process she earned $5.4 million, another record!

"What a way to finish the season," said Henin after winning her 39th career title. Henin also rated the win as one of the best of her career. "This was one of the best moments of my career; to finish an amazing year with an amazing match, the longest I've ever played, makes me very happy," she said.

Articles about Hingis positive test

I came across some articles which are critical of Hingis regarding her positive dope test. Here are the online links for you guys to read them:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Hingis at Sony Ericsson Championships

Martina Hingis who is dogged by dope allegations made a surprise visit to the Sony Ericsson Championships in Madrid.

Hingis watched Sharapova but refused to comment about the positive cocaine test. I'm sorry I cannot comment on the case for legal reasons. I'm just here to watch tennis tonight. I cannot say anything. Sorry." she replied when quized about it.

Mirza blog, my absence and Paddy's off

Well Manfred's Mirza blog was going fine till i got ill and took my time off. Paddy did a lot of good updates but she has other stuff to do to. cant blame her if she is off now.

Manfred did updates till July. and the site was eventually "shifted" as i understand from Manfred.

No updates since July! wow thats a long long time.

And i only came back now. So manfred told me about it, i considered his request. And since Manny is good at guessing what i might do next (wow what an achievement in itself), he reopened the site.

Hehe btw he thought i forgot my password. But since "vicky cool" isnt a fool, she got right into it, albeit after a couple of attempts.

So i put 3 updates till now which you guys can read here:

Update 1
Update 2
Update 3

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hingis apparently happy

read this! :o wow

Henin has Asthma!

Damn some news for me that she has asthma!

dont beleive me read this news report i found while surfing:,CST-SPT-1hit06.article

THE AIR OVER THERE: Henin hopes to breathe a little easier

If you're looking for Justine Henin to defend her Olympic gold medal in tennis at the Beijing Games in 2008, don't hold your breath.

Because she is concerned about having to hold hers.

Henin, who skipped the China Open in September because of asthma, might do the same next summer.

''I've had asthma for a few months now, and I felt very bad in New York at the end of the [U.S. Open], so Beijing, I was really concerned about that,'' she said Monday at the Sony Ericsson Championships in Madrid, Spain. ''I was pretty disappointed because I wanted to play the [China Open] and get used to the conditions.''

Beijing's air quality has been cited as a concern by more than the Belgian star. International Olympic Committee inspection team leader Hein Verbruggen said the air there is ''a big problem.'' That observation followed the United Nations expressing concerns about Beijing's pollution.

''It's true that Beijing is going to be tough with the Olympic Games with the problem I have,'' Henin said, ''but now it seems that everything is under control, which is important because the Olympic Games remain a very important goal for me in 2008.''

Kubina support for hingis

Ex-bf Kubina battin for Martina.

Pavel Kubina was saddened to hear of the fall of tennis star Martina Hingis, his one-time girlfriend, who retired last week amid testing positive for cocaine at Wimbledon.

The Maple Leafs defenceman dated her about six months early in his career with the Tampa Bay Lightning when both lived in Florida's posh Hillsborough County enclave of Saddlebrook, home to many pro athletes. Hingis, winner of five Grand Slams, came to some of the Lightning's home games then.

"I only know what I've read in the papers," Kubina said of her recent problems. "I've not talked to her in years, but she was a good person and a great athlete, the top in her sport for a long time."

Hingis dope test

Martina Hingis gave us another shock. thi time she retired but dropped a bombshell when she said she tested positive for "cocaine" at Zurich!

Saawariya Overkill

Sony is really doing an overkill now. on every Sony channel you see "Saawariya" written near the channel logo.

plus every commercial break becomes an excuse to remind us how many days left to the release o the movie. as if we dont know movies always release on a friday. and this friday happens to be the time to release this particular movie.

and the gals are going ga-ga over girly faced Ranbir. poor Sonam, she has been exlipsed by RK!

SLB aka Bhansali has been promoting not just RK but his creative skills:

and ever since everyone saw the creative "fall" of Ranbir in his towel, we are admiring the "private moments of a boy" in Bhansali's own words. Thankfully it wsnt "private moment of a girl" otherwise papa Anil Kapoor would have give some creative lessons to SLB of his own.