Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Saawariya Overkill

Sony is really doing an overkill now. on every Sony channel you see "Saawariya" written near the channel logo.

plus every commercial break becomes an excuse to remind us how many days left to the release o the movie. as if we dont know movies always release on a friday. and this friday happens to be the time to release this particular movie.

and the gals are going ga-ga over girly faced Ranbir. poor Sonam, she has been exlipsed by RK!

SLB aka Bhansali has been promoting not just RK but his creative skills: http://www.saawariyafilm.com/

and ever since everyone saw the creative "fall" of Ranbir in his towel, we are admiring the "private moments of a boy" in Bhansali's own words. Thankfully it wsnt "private moment of a girl" otherwise papa Anil Kapoor would have give some creative lessons to SLB of his own.

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