Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Indian Voter ID Cards

So today i finally got my voter id card made. since the process was opened in our locality on 17th nov, i put all my papers in place. but it seems they (election commission) send a pre-filled invitation form!

and we didnt recieve it becoz they didnt know in whose hands the bundle was sent for distribution. we found out only yesterday that the forms were with a volunteer from our own colony!

so we had to go to uncle's place to get my form. and unnecessarily chat about stuff like colony politics which he kept talking about. uncle is a big chatterbox! needless to say so is mom. duh!!!
i got my id done the next day and boy is there confusion at these places. half the folks dont know how its done and stand in the wrong lines! and the guys who do the actual work look harassed.

significantly not a soul from our colony was there among the crowds. not many may be aware even i think.

and the picture from the webcam is printed in black-white. when infact i had gone to my native place a month or so back, they got their pictures in colour!

so village folks get colour ids while we so called sophisticated guys from the city get b/w pictures which show up grainy and hazy!!! :( :( :(

mera bharat mahan indeed...

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