Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Henin has Asthma!

Damn some news for me that she has asthma!

dont beleive me read this news report i found while surfing:


THE AIR OVER THERE: Henin hopes to breathe a little easier

If you're looking for Justine Henin to defend her Olympic gold medal in tennis at the Beijing Games in 2008, don't hold your breath.

Because she is concerned about having to hold hers.

Henin, who skipped the China Open in September because of asthma, might do the same next summer.

''I've had asthma for a few months now, and I felt very bad in New York at the end of the [U.S. Open], so Beijing, I was really concerned about that,'' she said Monday at the Sony Ericsson Championships in Madrid, Spain. ''I was pretty disappointed because I wanted to play the [China Open] and get used to the conditions.''

Beijing's air quality has been cited as a concern by more than the Belgian star. International Olympic Committee inspection team leader Hein Verbruggen said the air there is ''a big problem.'' That observation followed the United Nations expressing concerns about Beijing's pollution.

''It's true that Beijing is going to be tough with the Olympic Games with the problem I have,'' Henin said, ''but now it seems that everything is under control, which is important because the Olympic Games remain a very important goal for me in 2008.''

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