Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kubina support for hingis

Ex-bf Kubina battin for Martina.

Pavel Kubina was saddened to hear of the fall of tennis star Martina Hingis, his one-time girlfriend, who retired last week amid testing positive for cocaine at Wimbledon.

The Maple Leafs defenceman dated her about six months early in his career with the Tampa Bay Lightning when both lived in Florida's posh Hillsborough County enclave of Saddlebrook, home to many pro athletes. Hingis, winner of five Grand Slams, came to some of the Lightning's home games then.

"I only know what I've read in the papers," Kubina said of her recent problems. "I've not talked to her in years, but she was a good person and a great athlete, the top in her sport for a long time."

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