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Hingis reasons why Radek is right for her

Thanx to Irinska & Hilarius

Radlek gefiel mir schon vor 22 Jahren,
a new article where Martina explains why Radek is the right man for her

Translation of an article in Sonntagsblick of Dec. 31, 2006 by Barbara Lienhard.

I hesitated to translate the article as there are more or less no new facts, but an order by Irinska is an order to be obeyed.

“ I took a fancy at Radek already 22 years ago“

Q: Congratulations to the engagement, Mrs. Hingis. How do you feel?

Martina: I am overjoyed that Radek proposed to me. Thank goodness it was a month ago. Now I am clear-headed again after this surprise So I can focus on playing tennis.

Q: Where and when did Radek Stepanek proposed to you?

Martina: On November 24, quite romantically in a restaurant under the Karls bridge in Prague.

Q: Why do you know that Radek is the right one?

Martina: Love you cannot define by the intellect. I simply feel that he is the right one. We know each other already since 22 years and I took always a shine to him.

Q: How did this friendship developped suddenly to love?

Martina: Cupid simply threw his dart. This too I cannot explain. The attraction between us was always so big, that I never forgot him, even when I was dating other men.

Q: How important is it for you, that your future husband is a tennis pro?

Martina: Radek knows the tennis circus and has an understanding of my life. Therefore we match perfectly.

Q: The tennis-princess and her tennis-prince: This sounds like a fairytale wedding.

Martina: We are engaged, because we form a pair and as I want to spend my future with Radek. For both of us this decision is important. About the details of the wedding we have not yet talked.

Q: Even not about the date?

Martina: No. We just do not know it.

Q: Do you want to have children?

Martina: At the moment this is no theme. But who knows, what will be in five, ten years.

Q: Do you leave now Switzerland and will you go to live with Radek in the Czech Republic?

Martina: Surely not. I shall always stay in Switzerland, where I have my family, my roots(sic!), my horses. Probably we shall commute between Switzerland and the appartments of Radek in Florida, Monte Carlo and Prague. Where we live is not important, the main point is that we are together.


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