Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!!!

Wishing Hingis-Radek Happy New Year: Two birdies in love.

Coming back to...

Heh so we had a blast yesterday at our place wherein the kids of our colony organised a grand celebration with lots of cool dances to the latest songs.

and Dhoom 2 was the theme of many songs. lol

the programs went till 2.00 a.m. with the entire 80 families being awake!!!

The only bump was the smell of burning rubber towards the end of the program. From our building, since the electricity to the stage, speakers & lighting was taken from our supply.

Damn everyone got scared cause only last to last Wednesday was a major electrical fire in our adjoining building and everyone came running down to douse the flames then. All the women and kids there were stuck up on the terrace since the fire was burning on the ground floor passageway.

the entire electrical casing got thoroughly burnt!!!

with those memories we were left afraid. in the end it turned out the rubber burning smell was from the shoes that were put on the doll we burst to celebrate the passing of 2006. heheee

quite comic.

so i have been smsing and calling friends and people. ;)

and to all my friends reading this "Wishing you all the best in 2007"

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