Saturday, December 30, 2006

Radek Stepanek on Hingis & engagement

Radek in an article in Blick of Dec. 30,2006, From Blesk, a Czech "sister" paper of Blick

Thanx to Hilarius for translation.

Small article in the printed edition of Blick Dec. 30, 2006

Both are in Australia. But Radewk Stepanek will only see Martina at the Australian Open in the middle of January.
The Czech tennis star was talking with “Blesk”. (A Czech paper which is owned by the Ringier group, like the “Blick”).

Q: Where is Martina? Didn’t you fly together?

Radek: We separated in Singapore. She flew to the Gold Coast and I to Adelaide.

Q: How was it with the diamond-ring?

Radek: Such a thing you cannot plan, that you have to feel. It just happened.

Q: After an engagement follows mostly the wedding.

Radek: (laughs). This is usally the next step.

Q: Is the date of the wedding already fixed?

Radek: We are reasoning about it. I have already an idea, but I do not want to say anything at the moment.

Q: You spent a lot of time with Martina. Which are your best memories?

Radek: The week skiing in Austria. Martina is a unbelievable good skier. I ski only for four years, but I tried to keep up with her. Skiing is just great fun. I look forward to do it more, when we shall have more time..

Q: Martina rides too. Do you know how the world looks from a saddle?

Radek: Not yet. I like horses. They are noble animals. When I finished with tennis I shall ask Martina for a lesson. At any rate I shall try it.

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