Monday, December 04, 2006

A Midnight Poem

I was just writing some stuff, and this came out. Hope you like it...

A Midnight Poem

Deep, dark nights shine with bright lights.
No cloud in the sky to blight my sight.
Still the night is black and lonely.
Tugging at the heart with pain and sympathy.
For the moon pulls me with all its beauty
The fullness of its shine brims me over
feels like he is privileged indeed
To shine the brightest among a million stars.
But all the stars so small indeed
They make the moon look fonder to my eyes
Indeed the destiny of him is to rule the sky alone at night
To cast a shadow on his significant siblings.
And ever be longing for his earth
To cast his solitude till the morrow
If only the sun would relent and
Give him his share of the day
Proud the sun is to be the brightest star
To lend his warmth to one and all
Glow glow as brightly as he may
He cannot match the beauty of the moon to his dismay
For the sun blinds with his fire
But the moon enchants with his aura
Lightly lays the moon the night to rest
While the sun burns and scorches in earnest
Both cannot be friends of each other
For one rules after dawn and the other after dusk
But here on this little island in the universe
We wait for the cycle to run each passing day
For we need the heat of the day to sweat our brow
And the cold of the moon to sheath our nights
The tempest in the skies continue each season
While a corner in this world looks out to the frontier

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