Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lindsay Davenportly & Sharapova snubbed

Ex world number 1, Lindsay Davenport is reported to be pregnant. Her agent Tony Godsick broke the news. This will be Davenport’s first child with husband Jonathan Leach a former ATP doubles player and the younger brother of Rick Leach.

Davenport will now miss the coming tennis season. It is not clear if she will make a comeback or retire from the sport.

Meanwhile Maria Sharapova is set to adorn the pages of Vogue. The January issue of Vogue will feature the sexy tennis star.

But the catch is she won’t get the cover. That honour will instead go to Brangelina’s better half, Angelina Jolie.

That’s a mighty snub to Masha. The suggestion from some quarters though is if she wants the cover, she should hook up with an equally famous/talented/good looking celebrity. Just like Jolie has with Pitt.

SharaDick anyone? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (he doesn’t fit the bill!)

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