Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was at my native place yesterday. and the lady whoes place we stay at has a dog. and she hates animals.

they got the dog (a stray one) from Alibaug by scooter. may be just to amuse the kids or for showoff! from when he was a little pup she would beat him with a stick.

she and her kids still do!!! and now her hubby has gone the same way.
she never feeds him!!! :o

result: he moves around from one estate to another searching for food, which naturally will consist of frogs or rats or trash.

after he comes home, diligently i must say, they call him dirty dog! :o my mom & i give him biscuits when we go there, this also she resents, since she is stingy and calculates even cost of biscuits. :(

this time round he has a found on hid hind paw! and i could see 2 holes in it, plus he goes on biting it. it must definitely have maggots.

my mom suggested she should take him to a vet. or atleast those govnt hospitals. (so they wont have to worry abt money). but its simply like she doesnt care amd acts like she didnt hear.

i dont know how to transport him from there to Bombay. at Parel animal hospital he can be treated. and he is such a friendly nice dog.

sinners indeed to treat him so shabbily. :(

i feel totally helpless to do anything. wish i had a vehicle atleast.

please anyone reading this pray for him. may be might not survive it. if she sees maggots, she will sure beat him to death! :( :( :(

neglected, unfed, ill-treated and unloved lonely dog...

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