Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What do you think of martina hingis?

I found this on YAHOO ANSWERS:

Undecided Question: What you think of Martina hingis ???

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Answerer 1 ... lovely

Answerer 2 she seems kinda dikey. but i'd give her the D

Answerer 3 she is great i like her soo much

Answerer 4 like rihanna and beyonce better Source(s):
also like venus and serena better,

Answerer 5 hot.....

Answerer 6

,i think she is the, i would love to be her king....jk......seriously....s... will be known for tennis now ...instead of being aworn out talented teenager..she could be the next stephi or everett......she is better than venus and serena......and is just warming up...he he

Answerer 7

Although Martina Hingis has a cute shape, I don't think she's very pretty. Her hairline on her forehead is way too high, and her teeth are way too big. These two things ultimately make her unattractive.

Nevertheless, Martina is one of my favorite female tennis players. She has the best attitude because she's the hardest worker when it comes to developing proper technique.

Answerer 8

She's always been one of my favourite female players. I like how she plays - she doesn't quite have the class that Federer and Nadal have (I watch men's tennis far more so I don't know enough about female players to really compare) but she's quite elegant out on the court. She seems like a nice person too.

Answerer 9

Martina Hingis is quite talented, but she also has a big forehead. Her nickname Chuckie and Lightbulb head seem appropriate. She should keep doing what she does, as long as she keeps her mouth shut. When she opens her mouth she spews out so much poison.

She's probably getting some from boyfriend tennis star Radek Stepanek tonight.

Answerer 10

She is a good player. She is Ugly. ANd what i hate the most about her is her aroggance and her sense of being above everyone else. and she called Mauresmo a half man. Bad Girl hate hi

Answerer 11

I think that she is a good tennis player.

Answerer 12

I think she is fabulous. I love the way she plays and I love the way she carries herself. She generally has a smile on her face and she knows what she wants from herself. I am very happy that she has returned to the game. I missed her passion for the game.

She is NOT ugly or dikey, she is a beautiful young lady.

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Luís said...

How interesting.....I agree with some of the opinions but i am not saying which...!

vidhyut kargutkar said...

scared Lion! lol

Anonymous said...

She is the greatest tennis player ever, I like tennis because of her. She is a beautiful girl also. I enjoy so much the way she play.

Anonymous said...


KWG said...

There's probably a little truth in everyone's answers. Except that dikey and ugly remark. And Lightbulbhead is kind of funny I have to admit. But for me martina Hingis will always be supremely tralented and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

greatest talented player ever
always have a beautiful smile
I love her tennis play
beautiful in every way