Saturday, May 13, 2006

How was May 12th for me. lol

So yesterday was a nice day cause i went shopping and bought for myself 3 trousers!

Actually 2 of them were jeans. And since they arent of my size so they will be altered by the in house tailor of the shop and will be fitted to my size.

I could go and get them by Tuesday since on a Monday shops in Dadar are closed.

And yesterday night i was saw the Henin-Kuznetsova match on t.v. Pleasantly surprised to see that the matches from the Qatar Telecom German Open were being telecast on Zee Sports.

Unfortunately there were power fluctuations here and the images were spoiled.

Offcourse Henin won and that was great to see.

By the time offcourse Martina-Mauresmo match was on, the fluctuations had stopped (what a coincidence! and thank God for it...) and i could see the match in peace.

Also mom slept early otherwise she might have wanted to watch something else! lol

And since the match is now suspended for darkness with both players splitting the 2 sets, i will write about the match only after it is completed.

By the way it was great to see mum Melanie in the stands. She even smiled! Twice....... :) :) :)

Especially in the 9th game of the 2nd set at deuce. Martina Hingis made that perfect lob, was great to see Martina's clever play invoking a smile from Molitor.

Strangely i didnt notice Mario. Was he there?!

Also did anyone notice Kuznetsova in the stands?

The winner of this match will play Juju (Justine Henin or Henin-Hardenne or simply JHH; whatever you prefer) in the semis.

Telecast restarts 4.00 pm IST on Zee Sports.

Lets us see whats happens next...

If Martina wins and gets to the semis and wins against Justine (the semis follow shortly after this match!) and wins in the final; (oh what a tall order which Martina Hingis is perfectly capable of crafting she can give her mom a nice Mother's Day gift.


Catch ya later...

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