Thursday, May 11, 2006

Delhi HC restrains nursery interviews

Delhi HC restrains nursery interviews
Source: NDTV.

New Delhi, May 10: The Delhi High Court has issued an order restraining private schools from interviewing both children and their parents as part of the admissions procedure.

It's been a subject of immense debate whether it was fair to conduct interviews of the three and four year-old children for admissions into nursery schools or not.

The Delhi HC came to the rescue of young kids with this verdict.

The court ordered, "Under the garb of discretion of school management, admissions are granted and rejected in an arbitrary manner."

Pointing out that there needs to be more transparency in the admissions procedure, the court said that it has, "Repeatedly asked for suggestions but each time you always ask for more time. We are now giving you one last chance to come up with suggestions."

The court also said that no interviews could be conducted without its permission.

Admission to nursery in most schools till now were guided by three major criteria:

  1. The child must reside within 8 km of the school.
  2. Interviews of parents and children
  3. Some schools who do not want to interview the child, have written tests for parents.

Now with the court having put a stay on interviews, schools have been asked to come up with alternative suggestions for admissions.


Nice to see that some sense has finally prevailed.

It is pretty sickening to see tiny tots running off to the nearest "tuition" classes in a bid to learn stuff thats way beyond resonable.

Indeed jids not learning just alphabets or basic numbers, but "General Knowledge" like who is President of India, names of all fruits, vegetables...

I thought names of fruits and vegetables were meant to be taught in school.

To top it all there were interviews of parents to determine i dont know what!

Funny to see kids and parents packing off for the nearest class to gain needed knowledge for interview calls.

T.V. discussions by eminent psychologists, councillors, teachers, academicians pointed to the fact that all these undue pressures put on a children as young as 3 or 4 results in stress and killing of creativity in the child.

Being spoonfed with loads of information accounts for nothing more then rote learning.

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