Monday, April 17, 2006

Indian govt set to release regulatory codes for T.V. industry

1:46 AM 4/18/2006
Bombay, Maharashtra
Vidhyut Kargutkar

In a move planned to curb obscenity, vulgarity and violence on T.V. the Indian government is in the process of coming out with strict rules governing content shown on t.v.
While this is a welcome move as there isnt any self-regulation on the part of cable operators and t.v. channels wherein even adult content is sometimes shown during prime time hours.
The government is thinking pf appointing a separate content regulator to excute the task. The government will soon be coming out with a "broadcast regulatory bill".
Channels failing to comply with the new regime will face penalties or in extreme cases have their licenses revoked.
One point to note here will be that even "news channels" will come under the gambit.
Which could imply a so called stranglehold on the infamous "sting operations" which highlight government corruption and bigotry in bold terms and without fear of repercussions.
With a bill such as this one in the hands of the lawmakers; it could easily be misused to prevent flow of info about government activities.
Ban of violence from news channels could mean no or limited live coverage of terror attacks.
The need for flow of free and fair information is infact greater now instead of some half baked measures to curb it where it isnt needed substantially.

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