Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flintoff now to sing duet with Elton!!!

lol the world is really bizarre! MSN autofeed reports this.

London, April 27 : Singer Sir Elton John is set to sing a duet with cricket star Andrew Flintoff next month to raise money for charity.

According to, the pair became friends when Flintoff made John's song "Rocket Man" as England's unofficial anthem for the Ashes tournament last year. The duet will take place at Flintoff's benefit event in London's Battersea Park.

Elton says: "Andrew puts bums on seats, makes the game as exciting as it can be. And he plays the game in a sporting manner, the manner in which all sports should be played."

Of the duet, Flintoff says: "Appearing with the great man, at the moment, seems far more daunting than bowling to Ricky Ponting or facing Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne. I am really looking forward to Elton performing 'Rocket Man' - which became such a special part of last summer's Ashes success."

Quite funny to imagine Freddie singing. We would rather have Freddie "sing with his bat".

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