Monday, February 27, 2006

President Bush to play Cricket!!!! by golly can he do that!

I'm a cricket person: Bush
February 25, 2006 - 10:05AM

US President George Bush said this week "I'm a cricket match person" - and he'll have a chance to show it at a cricket event during his brief upcoming trip to Pakistan.

Details were hard to come by, but White House aides said on Friday that Bush was expected to mingle with cricket-playing children and meet of the sport's professional players during his stop in Pakistan.

It was unclear whether the US president, an avid baseball fan, would bat or bowl.

"It is planned as an opportunity for him to watch and learn a little bit about it. But, you know, who knows what he'll do?" said Bush national security adviser Stephen Hadley. "I have not asked him."

The president himself left no doubt that he'd rather play cricket than see a Bollywood movie, telling reporters on Wednesday that given the choice: "I'm a cricket match person."

"As I understand it, I may have a little chance to learn something about cricket. It's a great pastime," he said.

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