Monday, February 27, 2006

Pet Power

Sun 26th Feb 06

Studies prove that pets have an uncanny ability to heal emotional & physical ailments. BT unravels more about pet therapy.

It is simply heart warming to see your pet dog waiting for you at the doorstep or your cat purring away to glory as you enter your house.Studies have found that your furry or feathery friend can do a lot not only for your mental health but also for bettering your health. And if you are older, a pet can offer you a sense of encouragement, and even a reason for living.

Interestingly, in a recent review published in the British Medical Journal, researchers stress upon the positive benefits, both physical and mental of the close relationship between man and animal --- pet and the owner. We all know about the fact that close relationships have a powerful influence on well-being and so the innate exercise of owning a pet may confer more benefits than expected.

The 'pet' benefits

  • Run with your dog and you will maintain your fitnes levels. If you have a pet dog at home, you dont really need to worry because you will be exercising regularly.
  • Generally elderly people living alone or in a long-term care facility often feel isolated and suffer from loneliness and depression. Having an animal in their lives can change all that. Pets decrease your feelings of loneliness & depression. Having a pet emulates the smoetional support you find in close relationships. However, having an animal around isnt alwasy practical especially in case of Alzheimer's disease,as it put the animal's safety at risk.

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