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Arantxa Sanchez Vicario weds Josep Santacana

Miguel Indurain at the wedding.

Javier and Isabel with their two daughters, Dawn and Julia.

The 6 nieces and nephews of the former tennis player were the the young ladies and page of the ceremony. Her older sister, Marisa, has a girl; Emilio and his wife Simona, have three children, Victory, Emilio and Valentina pictured above.

Mother of Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Marisa

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Josep Santacana at their wedding at Perelada`s Castle, Perelada, Spain. For Arantxa it is her second wedding and only 100 guests attended the very private ceremony.

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario married Josep Santacana on Friday, 12.09.2008 in Peralada (Girona). Apparently they already expect a baby. The speculations on the future sprout find their origin in the decision of Arantxa not to respond to the Olympic Games of Beijing. The sportsman should have been present in China, but the doctors would have dissuaded so long trip upon being found in the first months of gestation.

Since the wedding was announced, it was surrounded by controversy. The family of Sánchez Vicario did not look well upon her suitor.

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario has been with the Catalonian businessman Josep Santacana Blanch since a year ago. In the wedding, Sanchez-Vicario arrived in a vintage car the elegant Swiss Hispanic and wore a dress of designer Hannibal Gap and the celebrations began at 17.30. Once they became husband and wife, Arantxa and Josép shared with their relatives and friends a supper in which they had many dishes from the Catalonian traditional kitchen.

The wedding puts to an end the long period of controversy and fears that began the same moment the link was announced.

The parents of Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Emilio and Marisa, threatened not to attend the ceremony after it was aired the complex study of her boyfriend, full of supposed debts, embargoes and clear little business. A detective agency has investigated Santacana that supposedly he has a debt that runs to 500,000 euro.

It seems that the father of the tennis player had a change of mind and confirmed his intention to respond to the wedding and even to exercise as the godfather. This change of attitude so radical finds a logical reasoning after the rumours of pregnancy that accompany the lavish daughter of the clan Sánchez Vicario.

For more trouble, the former girlfriend of Santacana, Yolanda, responded to the program "Wheres you are heart?" to explain before average Spain that the businessman continued going out with her months after his relation began with the former tennis player. She also notified Arantxa on the fondness of her former lover "to handle money".

History remains crowned by the rumors of embarrassment for the sportsman. She, 37 years old and a fortune of some 65 million, already declared in the past her desire to form a family.

The men of the former tennis player

Arantxa said the "yes, I do" for the second time in her life. Her first husband was the blond sports reporter Johan Vehils, with whom she married July 21, 2000. The marriage only lasted a year.

Off late, the sportswoman had a romance with the coach Antonio Hernández. This relation also finished twelve months later.

Javier Rius has also been linked to her, although she alone confirmed her engagement in the summer of 2004.

Santacana is her last love, the man that this Friday became her husband. The start of her relationshi, say people close to her, was "a longshot". Arantxa assured that her boyfriend is very loving.

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