Friday, September 12, 2008

Pranks on old friends

Hey i recently learned that my old school chum Amu has majorly gotten into shorthand.

Result you have to waste time trying to understand her orkut scraps!!! :O

Instead of saving time, its labouring enough for me to go through her whole typo n understand what she is trying to say.

So i struck her a deal. I threw her a challenge. And since she is in Delhi now, she promised to getting on deciphering it afterwards!!! lol

which gives her plenty of time anyways to get help.

according to her, my shorthand is bad. she doesnt know yet i purposely designed it to make it hard on her!!!

anyways i will post the entire para here along with the original one later.

i will also post this gals reactions. and since we are gonna meet up this month, the bet is if she gets it, i give her a chocolate otherwise she loses her smarts and chocolate as well. instead i get it.

i am gonna get soemthing from that stingy gal. lol

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