Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Identity Crisis

Hey i used to have a parallel blog on sulekha.com and Mr. Kartik Kannan had invited me to blog there. The idea was i was going to post here and then it would be automatically updated there. but they didnt do it for several months.

inspite of reminding them nothing happened, so i posted links of my blog posts from here. but since it was a violation of their policy as they said in an email to me that i "dont contribute any posts but am only promoting my blog". they removed me as a member. and none of the posts or my profile url were working.

so i thought that was the end of it. but now it seems the page is back!!!
and you can see it!!! plus the profile lists some other name "desaiganj" or something! do you think this amounts to identity theft? i mean you cant just alot one person's url to another?!!!

so i dashed them an email requesting them to remove it. the contents of the mail i will put here:

please remove my profile and blog url from your site as i no longer am allowed to post here. i thought this page and url must be defunct by now. the url is
and who in the world is desaiganj, vadasa? the name is on the url page.
it must not be active at all and can cause problems to my own online profile. and my online identity.
please see to this at the earliest.

Let me see what happens next. watch this space.

if you would like to you can send them feedback here. feedback@sulekha.net

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