Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Bhutto killed

Seems deja vu. As her father, Bhutto fell prey to the fundamentalist's agenda of Talibanisation of Pakistan. Popular as she was with the public, she was unpopular with the terrorists. Plus Pakistan's military regime didnt really want her there.

A popular and courageous leader who is also a woman and had already served as PM was a threat to them.

Since the elections are planned for 8th January, this was a well planned moved. Seems a little odd that with all the media gagging and control the military holds over life in Pakistan, they werent able to prevent this. The assasins could get this close to her car. And this is not the first time.

Only in her return rally this October more than 130 were killed in suicide bomb attacks.

It seems Pak's high circles plan their moves well in advance and disguise them as terror acts.

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