Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reasons for absense from blogger

Damn these viral illnesses. So after mom it was my turn to fall prey to the flu virus.

Down and out completely for 3 weeks i feel exhausted and like a sucked out lemon!!!

To top it all Manny made light fun of my loss of 3 Kgs in 1 week. Arghhh... :(

I also had an allergic cough for a 2 weeks which is just showing some signs of subsiding.

A combination of both illnesses really hampered my 'online' tasks with the blog not being updated plus everyone wondering where this Vicky gal is?!!!

Rest assured i am back. But not at the same level for sure atleast for the next few weeks while i recuperate. ;)


manfred said...

I didnt know u took my joke so hard Vicky.

oh well to make it up to you I clicked around and made u some money ;) Hopefully that caounts as an apoplogy :)

Paddy said...

Please take care and Get well soon, Vicky!