Tuesday, January 20, 2009

artiacle: Tennis beyond the grit, into the glamour

Great article please read "Tennis beyond the grit, into the glamour"


Monday, January 05, 2009

Kim Clijsters lost her father

Kim Clijsters lost her father Leo Clijsters to lung cancer.

He had been suffering from lung cancer and battled it for a year. He died aged 52 years and was a former national soccer player for Belgium. He retired in 1993 and later on managed his daughters career.

Kim Clijsters retired in 2007 and is a former world no. 2.

He is survived by his wife and 2 daughters Kim and Elke.

Sharapova most searched on yahoo in 2008!

Its official Maria Sharapova is the most searched athlete on yahoo in 2008! Here is Yahoo's Top 10 list of most searched athletes in 2008:

1. Maria Sharapova
2. Gina Carano
3. Danica Patrick
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Amanda Beard
6. Michael Phelps
7. Kimbo Slice
8. Leryn Franco
9. Natalie Gulbis
10. David Beckham

And that also makes her the only tennis player to make the cut. Now what would Anna Kournikova have to say on that?

Nadia Petrova discharged from hospital.

Nadia Petrova has been discharged from hospital.

She was hospitalised with viral meningitis which forced her to withdraw from the ASB Classic in New Zealand.

Petrova's mother informed the Russian publication Sport-Express about it.

Nadia Petrova was diagnosed with viral meningitis when she was training in Buenos Aires.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stork visits Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and her husband, Josep Santacana, arrive at the beneficial supper organized by the Foundation SOS and the Foundation Barraquer to present the Caravan Supportive Senegal 2008.

The parents of Arantxa, Emilio and Marisa, also they attended this event.

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario announced on 30th October 2008 that she expects her first son next spring.

The former tennis player, 36 years, expressed her "happiness". Last September she married José Santacana.

The former professional tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario announced on Thursday that she expects her first son. In a communiqué, Sánchez Vicario affirmed, "I have the happiness to announce the wait of the birth of my first son for the next spring".

Arantxa Sánchez Vicar: "To be a mother is what remained to be done as a woman"

After announcing her pregnancy, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario accompanied by her husband, Josep Santacana, to a beneficial supper organized by the Foundation Barraquer and the Foundation SOS to collect funds destined to the Supportive Caravan to Senegal, a project that in spring will travel to the African country to carry out reviews and free ophthalmology operations.

Happy and radiant in her fourth month of pregnany, the former tennis player, dressed in black by designer Hannibal Gap, hid the imperfect form of her bulge by means of a shawl. In the three public appearances that she has since being pregnant, the best Spanish sportsman of all time has always carried a long scarf that covers the bulge the causes of which appears that in spite of only the two first months of gestation, already it has begun to note.

After her, her parents also arrived, Emilio and Marisa, happy before the next birth of their seventh grandchild, the first one of the their youngest daughters. Less slippery than the last time, Arantxa had some minutes to speak with the press.

Arantxa, how are you carrying the pregnancy?

Very well, very excited, very pleased. Is an important news.

How are you?

Only I can tell you that the baby will be born in spring, that I am very well and that for the time being everythings tranquil.

Have you had some discomfort of the pregnancy?

For the time being I am phenomenal. I do not have any inconvenience.

What balance did you do in these first weeks of marriage?

Very good, I am very happy. Is it not noted in my face? I believe that it is an important moment, desired by the two of us, a great news. Therefore we decide to communicate it and now we are in the expectation all will be well.

Have you any preference for a boy or a girl?

No, it us the same to me being girl or boy, that come well. Whatever comes, welcome he will be. And already we are thinking about names, so much of boy as of girl.

Your parents will be happy...

Yes, clearly, all the family is very excited, there is going to come one more grandson, a nephew or niece more to the family. I am the small one and up to now i played with my nieces and nephews, but now I expect my own son and I believe that to be a mother is the last thing that remained for me to do, and for the time being it is an unforgettable experience. Then, when he is born, I will tell you about him.

It is already the great prize that you lacked from obtaining, isnt it?

As a woman, when you marry you always think about forming a family and now that desire is going to comply, so I am very pleased.

Does Josep spoil you a lot?

Yes, clearly, he is delighted, we are delighted the two.

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario at Prince of Asturias Awards

A 3 month pregnant Arantxa Sanchez Vicario at Prince of Asturias Awards with her husband Jose Santacana on October 24, 2008 at the 'Campoamor' Theatre in Oviedo, Spain.

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario weds Josep Santacana

Miguel Indurain at the wedding.

Javier and Isabel with their two daughters, Dawn and Julia.

The 6 nieces and nephews of the former tennis player were the the young ladies and page of the ceremony. Her older sister, Marisa, has a girl; Emilio and his wife Simona, have three children, Victory, Emilio and Valentina pictured above.

Mother of Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Marisa

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Josep Santacana at their wedding at Perelada`s Castle, Perelada, Spain. For Arantxa it is her second wedding and only 100 guests attended the very private ceremony.

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario married Josep Santacana on Friday, 12.09.2008 in Peralada (Girona). Apparently they already expect a baby. The speculations on the future sprout find their origin in the decision of Arantxa not to respond to the Olympic Games of Beijing. The sportsman should have been present in China, but the doctors would have dissuaded so long trip upon being found in the first months of gestation.

Since the wedding was announced, it was surrounded by controversy. The family of Sánchez Vicario did not look well upon her suitor.

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario has been with the Catalonian businessman Josep Santacana Blanch since a year ago. In the wedding, Sanchez-Vicario arrived in a vintage car the elegant Swiss Hispanic and wore a dress of designer Hannibal Gap and the celebrations began at 17.30. Once they became husband and wife, Arantxa and Josép shared with their relatives and friends a supper in which they had many dishes from the Catalonian traditional kitchen.

The wedding puts to an end the long period of controversy and fears that began the same moment the link was announced.

The parents of Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Emilio and Marisa, threatened not to attend the ceremony after it was aired the complex study of her boyfriend, full of supposed debts, embargoes and clear little business. A detective agency has investigated Santacana that supposedly he has a debt that runs to 500,000 euro.

It seems that the father of the tennis player had a change of mind and confirmed his intention to respond to the wedding and even to exercise as the godfather. This change of attitude so radical finds a logical reasoning after the rumours of pregnancy that accompany the lavish daughter of the clan Sánchez Vicario.

For more trouble, the former girlfriend of Santacana, Yolanda, responded to the program "Wheres you are heart?" to explain before average Spain that the businessman continued going out with her months after his relation began with the former tennis player. She also notified Arantxa on the fondness of her former lover "to handle money".

History remains crowned by the rumors of embarrassment for the sportsman. She, 37 years old and a fortune of some 65 million, already declared in the past her desire to form a family.

The men of the former tennis player

Arantxa said the "yes, I do" for the second time in her life. Her first husband was the blond sports reporter Johan Vehils, with whom she married July 21, 2000. The marriage only lasted a year.

Off late, the sportswoman had a romance with the coach Antonio Hernández. This relation also finished twelve months later.

Javier Rius has also been linked to her, although she alone confirmed her engagement in the summer of 2004.

Santacana is her last love, the man that this Friday became her husband. The start of her relationshi, say people close to her, was "a longshot". Arantxa assured that her boyfriend is very loving.

As reported on 20minutes.es

Arantxa Sanchez Vicario's 2nd wedding

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and her then boyfriend now husband, during some holidays in Ibiza (Photo: KORPA).

Arantxa Sánchez Vicar married in September with a young businessman José Santacana.

The former tennis player, 36 years, and her husband José Santacana, 33 years, married on 12 of September.

The ceremony took place in the Castle of Peralada, in Girona, and is the second wedding for the her, earlier she was married with the sports journalist Joan Vehils. Seven years after her marital separation, Arantxa is willing "to form a family with Santacana and to be a mother".

Santacana is a Catalonian and businessman and has been with Arantxa since a year ago.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Maria Sharapova has a boyfriend now

The 21 year old Sharapova and 25 year old Ebersol pictured above.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova is dating Charlie Ebersol, son of NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol and Hollywood actress Susan Saint James.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova recently auctioned herself off a date with herself at the Bryan Brothers’ All-Star Tennis Smash charity event. She joked that her boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol would outbid everyone.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Newton 's Method:
Let, the lion catch you.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.. Implies you caught lion.

Einstein Method:
Run in the direction opposite to that of the lion.
Due to higher relative velocity, the lion will also run faster and will get tired soon. Now you can trap it easily.

Software Engineer Method:
Catch a cat and claim that your testing has proven that its a Lion.If anyone comes back with issues tell that you will upgrade it to Lion.

Indian Police Method:
Catch any animal and interrogate it & torture it to accept that its a lion .

Rajnikanth Method :
Keep warning the lion that u may come and attack anytime. The lion will live in fear and die soon in fear itself.

Jayalalitha Method:
Send Police commissioner Muthukaruppan around 2AM and kill it, while it's sleeping !

Manirathnam Method (director):
Make sure the lion does not get sun light and put the lion in a dark room with a single candle lighted.
Keep murmuring something in its ears. The lion will be highly irritated and commit suicide.

Karan Johar Method (director):
Send a lioness into the forest. Our lion and lioness fall in love with each other.

Send another lioness in to the forest, followed by another lion. First lion loves the first lioness and the second lion loves the 2nd lioness. But 2nd lioness loves both lions. Now send another lioness (third) into the forest.You don't understand right... ok....

read it after 15 yrs, then also u wont!

Yash Chopra method (director):
Take the lion to Australia or US.. and kill it in a good scenic location.

Govinda method:
Continuously dance before the lion for 5 or 6 days.

Menaka Gandhi method:
Save the lion from a danger and feed him with some vegetables continuously.

George bush method:
Link the lion with Osama bin laden and then shoot him!!!

:D :D :D

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pranks on old friends

Hey i recently learned that my old school chum Amu has majorly gotten into shorthand.

Result you have to waste time trying to understand her orkut scraps!!! :O

Instead of saving time, its labouring enough for me to go through her whole typo n understand what she is trying to say.

So i struck her a deal. I threw her a challenge. And since she is in Delhi now, she promised to getting on deciphering it afterwards!!! lol

which gives her plenty of time anyways to get help.

according to her, my shorthand is bad. she doesnt know yet i purposely designed it to make it hard on her!!!

anyways i will post the entire para here along with the original one later.

i will also post this gals reactions. and since we are gonna meet up this month, the bet is if she gets it, i give her a chocolate otherwise she loses her smarts and chocolate as well. instead i get it.

i am gonna get soemthing from that stingy gal. lol

some updates

ok i will put some updates now.

first up nadal's girlfriend n him.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Xisca

Ok here i found some picture of Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Xisca frolicking on a beach.
from viewworldtoday.blogspot.com

Monday, September 08, 2008

Facebook, Orkut slowdown

Today a strange thing is happened facebook and orkut are not opening at all for me.
But google is. infact i can even use blogger but these 2 arent opening. dont know whats wrong here.
someone told me my net connection must be slow, its slow enough to not open but enough to chat on msn! :O

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hingis plays exhibition on 10th september

Martina Hingis s to play an exhibition in Estonia on the 19th of September 2008.
After long negotiations with her managers and with the financial help by Sony Ericsson , Martina is going to play 2 matches there.Her opponent will be Margit Ruutel.

Margit Ruutel (born 1983) is at the moment ranked as no. 176.
Ruutel's WTA profile:

as reported by Irina, hilarius & nina on hingis.org


Monday, September 01, 2008

Long chats with old friends

School friends are some of our biggest chums!

And they are always nice to you, without any reason unlike sometimes some other friends who can be way off at times.

basically they are the sweetest & mean for u the best.

even ur so called meanest foe at school will wish the best for u.

isnt it strange that this happens. i am sure its happened to all of us at some point or the other.

today i had a phone chat with one of my oldest & closest school friends.

strange of me to think that i am engulfed by all these problems when in realty i never thought my friends could also be having a torrid time.

when we are lost in our own world as i have been for 4 years, we never care to think what might be happening outside. Beyond the periphery of our lives, lie many things both good n bad. by being boxed inside our own shells we fail to realise what could be lying straight outside our doorstep.

All in all a great experiance.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seles on tennis hall of fame ballot

News is being reported that 9-time Grand Slam champion Monica Seles is on the ballot os Tennis Hall of Fame.

French Open winner Andres Gimeno and tennis leaders Donald Dell, Dr. Robert Johnson and Eiichi Kawatei are on the ballot list of 5 candidates as well.

Voting will be held for the next few months and results will be announced in January. The induction is set for July 11 in Newport, R.I.

martina hingis & anna kournikova

nice picture i found

Chembur area

I was back to the chembur "bhulbhulaiya" area.

since i have only been to this place a second time, i end up in confusion. especially the area around diamond garden.

the plathora of roads and their numbers!

for example we had to search for which is road no. 8 to go to the hall for the wedding. all roads look the same. and since it was night time, there was more confusion.

thank good for good samaritans, a lady enthusiastically dirested us to the right lane! some people are always ready to shower info on others.

Wedding ceremonies and all that

i had gone to a wedding yesterday.

thankfully it was unlike most wedding ceremonies.

very sober, and without the much advertised glamour and pomp!

thankfully there was no noise pollution either. and set apart from the crowd the food was presentable & good.

vicky rates the whole thing 4 outta 5.

normally its 2 or 3 outta 5 in my book.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Connected

so i joined Facebook world's top networking site & also orkut.

surprise surprise as soon as i joined them i managed to connect with school friends i had been out of touch with for 10 years!!! :o

its great to have sites which can reconnect people up like that & also make people make new connections.

just a nota of caution would be the tons of applications that can be added to one's profile.

not only isnt ur information shared with 3rd party applications which the original site refuses to vouch for (read at your own risk) but it also makes loading of member pages that much slower.

the more apps a person has added, the slower their page loads!!!

facebook's different from orkut in the sense one's profile isnt public unlike orkut where if u dont take care much info is shared. facebook gives a sense of control unfortunately u tend to loose it unwittingly the moment you start adding apps...